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Princess Book List For Girls And Boys

Princess Books have always been popular. As a child princess stories often consisted of a damsel in distress and a brave young prince coming to her rescue. Whilst I still love a good fairy tale, I also love how over the years princesses have become brave and different.

My daughter loves to dress up and dressing up as a princess in her favourite princess costume is something she has done many times. These books are another fun way to encourage a love of princesses, sparking the imagination and a love of literacy for kids. 

Here are some of the best books for preschoolers that are princess themed! 

princess book list

Best Books For Preschoolers That Are Princess Themed

My favourite princess has to be Repunzel, not the Repunzel I read about as a child but Repunzel the Disney princess from the movie Tangled. I love how independent and strong she tries to become.

Today we have some different Princess books which are fantastic for both girls and boys. We have some traditional princess books and some less traditional, more modern princess books which I think are fantastic. I do hope you love this list.

Today I’ll Be A Princess

Princess Books For Girls And Boys

The Princess and the Pea


Sleeping Beauty


Belle Beauty And The Beast

belle from beauty and the beast

Good Night Princess

Princess Books For Girls And Boys

Do Princesses Have Best Friends Forever?


The Perfect Tea Party


Not All Princesses Dress In Pink


Princesses Wear Pants


Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?


The Paper Bag Princess

Princess Books For Girls And Boys

The Princess And The Pony



My Princess Boy



The Water Princess


Princess Potty


Goodnight Princess


The Fairy Princess


Twenty Six Princesses


Part Time Princess


Princess Truly



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princess book list