Primark Store Disney Clothes Minnie Mouse Nighty

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Primark Store Disney Clothes Minnie Mouse Nighty

A few weeks ago Sylvia and I visited our local Primark store to search out the best Disney clothes that we could find.

There were quite a few Disney themed clothing items at Primark and my daughter picked out a new Minnie Mouse nighty along with a few other fantastic pieces which she really loved.

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My Love for Pyjamas

As you may know, I love Pyjamas and Nighties. They are the one clothing item I personally wear the most due to being unwell with Adrenal Insufficiency. I am often bed bound with chronic illness and therefore fresh clean nightwear is my go-to fashion item.

Primark Disney Clothes

Thanks to wonderful friends on social media, I often hear when there are new Disney themed clothing items available at Primark. We are a frugal family and like to budget.

If we can get good quality clothing from a reasonably priced store then we will. We generally do a shopping spree twice a year at the Primark store.

It’s a great place to get basics and affordable, especially when your child is growing and having growth spurts all the time. Primark not only sell Disney themed nightwear, they also sell Primark Disney princess clothes, Primark Disney tights and Primark Disney bedding.

In fact my daughter bought me a Minnie Mouse themed makeup bag for Christmas which I really love.

Minnie Mouse Clothes at the Primark Store

Primark sells both Mickey and Minnie mouse clothes in their stores. On our last visit, Sylvia spotted the most adorable Minnie Mouse Nighty which she absolutely adores.

It’s kind of nostalgic to be honest because I had a pair of Minnie Mouse Pyjamas as a child and so it’s cute to see my daughter loving the same type of thing.

So what do you think? Do you like this adorable Minnie Mouse nighty? It cost only five pounds which I think is a great price.

Sylvia also purchased a super cute Unicorn headband from Primark which she has been enjoying wearing. Even the dogs, Yoda and Casper have had a turn with this headband. It’s not bad for one pound. I am well impressed.

Although I do work with brands, this is not a paid post, review or collaboration. I simply wanted to share our new purchase as we love Minnie Mouse and so many of our readers do too!


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