Pretty and Practical Accessories for Any Home

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Home decor is about more than just how the place looks, it is also about making the spaces comfortable, and as useable for you and your family as possible, and it is often the accessories that make all the difference.

With that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the most pretty and practical accessories that most of us should probably have in our homes.


Mirrors are a vital accessory to have in any home. You can use them for everything from shaving to applying makeup to checking that your outfit looks good on you, so they are definitely essential, but they are very decorative too. Mirrors with nice frames can be used as a form of wall art in their own right, and if you live in a small space, they can reflect the light and the rest of the room back to you, giving the illusion of space.


Even if you are not particularly green-fingered, and even if you do not have fresh flowers in the home all that often, it is useful to have a vase or two sitting on an occasional table or countertop. Not only are they very decorative in their own right, and can be used to break up any sparse space with little decoration, but on those occasions when someone does send you flowers, you won’t be running around for a container to house them in.


Not only do rugs, like the ones at, add an extra dimension to the decor by bringing in new colours, textures, and patterns to the space, but they are also imminently practical things to have in just about any room you can think of too.

For one thing, they are great at keeping your feet warm when you step out of bed onto a cold hardwood floor in the morning, or when you are dining n the tiled kitchen of an evening, and for another, they are great at trapping dust and pollen out of the air, so that the air you breathe in is cleaner (just remember to vacuum them regularly) which is why every home should have more rugs.


You might be thinking that bookshelves should not be on this list because they are purely utilitarian items, but that is not necessarily the case. Not only are bookshelves very useful for keeping your book collection in order, but you can also definitely use them as a decorative feature too, Paint them in a bright colour for example, or use them to show off plants, flowers, and ornaments you love to giver the room a bit more interest. Having a bookshelf in most rooms is smart and will help you to create a more attractive room overall.

A teapot

A teapot might seem like a quaint object when most of us just use individual teabags and fill our mugs full of hot water using the kettle, but if you are looking for a simple way to improve the decor of your kitchen, having an actual teapot in there, one with a quirky design perhaps, will definitely draw the eye. What’s more, when you have a lot of people over for tea, there is a kind of ceremony that comes with filling the pot and serving everyone from it that elevates a mundane experience into a more special affair, which is why every home should probably have one.


Doormats are very useful for allowing you your family and any guests you invite over to remove any debris from their shoes before entering, they can also be a nice way of welcoming guests to the house, and can definitely improve your homes kerb appeal if you choose an attractive one instead o the standard boring brown welcome mat we are all so familiar with.

Scented Candles

Scented candles can be arranged to look very pretty on a table or storage unit, especially if you choose candles that are brightly coloured or which come in decorative tins, but they can also be useful for getting rid of, or at the very least masking, unpleasant odours that arise in everyone’s home from time to time, Light one before you guests arrive and they will be welcomed with the wonderful aroma of cinnamon of the soothing smell of lavender instead of wet dog or the drains that are blocked yet again.


Pretty much every room in your home will be enhanced by having a pretty plant or maybe an orchid flower in a pot in the corner or on a windowsill, for example, and as well as looking great, plants are actually very useful at filtering the air in your home so that it smells better, and more importantly, so the air you and your family are breathing in is much cleaner too.

Storage Ottomans

These days, it is easy to find foldable storage ottomans that come in every colour and pattern imaginable, so there is no denying that they can enhance the look of your home decor, but more importantly, you can use them to hide away all of the junk that would otherwise be on display like the kids’ toys when they are not using them, the dog’s toys or your magazines, for example. They really are an excellent addition to any bedroom or living room.

Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets, especially nesting ones, are similarly useful in that they look attractive in any corner of the home, but they can also be practically used to store any excess clutter that you simply can’t find another place for. They’re especially good for throwing things into quickly before guests arrive at short notice.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are great for storing smaller things like cotton pads, herbs and medications in so that they are more organised, and these days, you can get them in every colour from amber to pink to match your decor, so you can create a pretty glass display with them on the kitchen or bathroom shelves too. You can even decorate them yourself with ribbons, washing tape or paint to ensure they match your decor as closely as possible.

Accent Pillows

Having accent pillows on every couch chair and bed will enable you to build up layers of colour and texture which will make the room more visually interesting, but even better than that, it will mean that whether you’re watching Netflix on the couch or sitting in bed reading a book, you can use them to make yourself as comfortable as possible always.

Blankets and Throws

The same goes for blankets and throws. They will enable you to get comfortable and cosy no matter what, while also adding an extra style element to your home decor.

Art Prints

You might think the only reason to have a pretty art print in your home is to improve the aesthetics, but you’d be wrong. Art is healing, looking at a work you love can help you to calm down, relax and lift your spirit after a hard day of work or childcare or whatever, so it is one accessory that should definitely be n this list. Just make sure you choose an art print that you truly love, or even betterm have ne commissioned for you by an affordable local artisgt.

By adding these pretty accessories into your home, you can not only make the space more attractive, but you can also make it much easier for your family to live in too, so what are you waiting for?

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