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Prepaway A Practical Guide to PTE Test

PTE (Pearson Test of English) is an academic test that is based on English. The exam completely computerized based on multiple levels. The exam is mainly targeted towards the non-English speakers with the desire of studying abroad. The test is to determine the capabilities of an aspirant based on their speaking, writing, and listening skills.

What Increases the Popularity of PTE?

There are several reasons why PTE is increasingly popular among aspirants. Some of the major attractions for the test are as follows:

  • Accepting students by the major universities, and institutions throughout the world based on their scores on PTE.
  • The test proves the proficiency of English in students; some countries including Australia accept visas for students based on their scores.
  • The test is relatively easy compared to IELTS, and hence it gets a boost to it being popular.
  • The scores are unbiased as it is completely based on computer calculations which are accurate.
  • The cost is comparatively less for the exam.
  • Booking the exam is convenient as it is conducted throughout the world in several locations and is readily available.

Why Do You Need to Pass PTE?

The main reason to pass the PTE is to understand one’s skills and hold on the English language in terms of speaking, writing, and listening. This passing score of the test determines a student’s profile and proficiency to get placed in the major institutions throughout the world. This is a readily accepted test by active careerist and a common name when thinking of an entrance test.

Ways to Crack PTE Test

  1. Preparing for the PTE test with the help of materials and guides is the most efficient way to crack PTE.
  2. Aspirants must have good management for the time of preparation.
  3. One must be well aware of the test pattern as this highly benefits them during the main time of the test.
  4. All study materials, guides, practice sets, and other forms of books must be well-versed with in order to gain in-depth knowledge of all facts.
  5. Conversations with existing applicant and studying in groups can help to a greater extent.
  6. A good guide or a teacher can prove to be very effective for training.
  7. Understanding the competency level gives an additional advantage, this can be understood by visiting coaching classes and groups where PTE exams are discussed and studied together.

Brief Details of PTE

PTE is a very common test and is in demand by the aspirants desiring to study abroad. This test is to judge the English proficiency of students through writing, speaking, and listening so that they can be placed in any major universities and institutions across the globe. The test aims at the non-native speakers of English Language. The session for the test is single and lasts for 3 hours. The reports are generated in a quick span of approximately five days from taking the exam. 

The test is conducted in any two of the sets that either constitutes of reading and listening or speaking and reading. The test is completely computerized and conducted in a safe and secure environment. Speaking test is usually computerized, whereas, the voice test is sent for marking after being recorded. The average of the test varies from country to country, and the range lies between 150 US dollars to 210 US dollars

PTE Passing Tips

  • Aspirants must appear for the best-quality pathway for preparation by following study guides, materials, practice test, and all relevant data both online and offline.
  • One must try and achieve greater scores in the practice tests.
  • One must follow all online and offline resources available for PTE.

PTE Passing Aspirant Experiences

The passing aspirants find the test to be user-friendly and convenient. The best part is that the test is unbiased and no human interference is faced as any of the phases while appearing for the exam. The accurate way to test the English for people and provide fast results is the PTE. The test is marked as one of the most efficient, objective, effective, and convenient ones that help in the determination of skills along with global acceptance for higher studies based on the results.

PTE Study Guide and Braindumps Helpfulness

The best way to prepare for PTE is by joining a test course, either online or offline and by receiving appropriate guidance through an expert. The range of the course along with the study materials, guides,braindumps and books for the preparation not only helps the aspirants to gain idea and knowledge about the questions but also helps them to get educated about the pattern of the test. Online courses also prove to be beneficial when aspirants choose the right one for preparation.

Best 10 Books to Pass PTE


  1. Pearson’s official guide to PTE.
  2. PTE Academic Practice Tests Plus by Pearson Test Developers.
  3. PTE Academic Test-Builder by Steve Taylore Knowles.
  4. Pearson Test of English Academic Practice Tests Plus and CD-ROM by Lisa da Silva and Kate Chandler.
  5. Official Guide to Pearson Test of English Academic by Pearson Longman.
  6. PTE Academic 79 Plus by Ibrar.
  7. Wiley’s PTE Advantage for Academic Module by Betterthink.
  8. Expert PTE by HILL.
  9. PTE study guide by HimeshLalin and Shawn Allen.
  10. Expert Pearson Test of English Academic B2 Course book by David Hill.


The PTE is one of the leading tests in the world that assists candidates aspiring to study in foreign countries and one who wishes to immigrate.The test has the scope of being scheduled as per the student’s choice and also allows scheduling before twenty-four hours from the time of exam. The results are declared in a short span of approximately five days from appearing in the test. The PTE (Pearson Test of English)is a trusted source of tests on which several renowned institutions, universities, and colleges from all around the globe rely.The test pattern and enrolment is comparatively flexible than other tests as all aspirants can appear for the test almost throughout the year in over two-hundred and fifty test centers throughout the world.