Starting School With The Big School Buddy

Starting school for the first time can be an exciting and scary experience for some children. I remember helping Sylvia prepare for school for the first time. I was so excited to go out and buy her first set of uniforms.  We bought a brand new bag and I took the all important obligatory first day school photos.

starting school

Sylvia was so excited. She looked lovely, her hair was in pigtails and I had done my best to prepare her for the long days ahead. As a previous early years teacher I guess I had plenty of experience helping children prepare for big school. In fact we did a lot of exciting projects to help children emotionally prepare. So naturally before Sylvia started school I talked to her about it each day and all about what a big girl she was becoming.

starting school

I spoke to Sylvia using the names of her new teachers and each day mentioned all the exciting things Sylvia would do when starting school. For me it was not too difficult a process. Sylvia had already stopped having naps in the day some time before. I think the hardest part were the long days. For the first few weeks my daughter would come home and get grizzly and tired really quickly. We quickly got into a routine. I would give Sylvia a snack after school, we would then start the bath and bedtime routine at around 6pm and she would have much earlier nights than before.

starting school with the big school buddy

As the school holidays begin there will be a lot of parents preparing their little ones to start school for the very first time. Last week I was sent a fantastic starting school aid to review here on The Inspiration Edit. This is a really awesome idea and something I think would be great for any child starting school. We were sent The Big School Buddy from Ackerman International. The package contains a special 2 week counting down calendar, a school girl or school boy teddy bear and set of good behaviour stickers.

starting school with the big school buddy

The aim of this toy and calendar is to help get children excited and count down the sleeps until big school. Personally I think it is a fantastic idea. The calendar is attached to quality board with a lovely red ribbon so it can be hung. Children can help count down the days and there is a space for parents to write why a child got a good behaviour sticker each day. I do like reward charts and sticker systems and think this is a great little idea. We were sent the female big buddy and this teddy is super soft and cuddly. I love the feel of the big buddy.

starting school with the big school buddy

I do think this is an excellent aid for preparing to start big school and I would fully recommend this. I love the idea and concept of The Big Buddy and think it is an awesome idea. What do you think?

Angela x

*This is a review item and all opinions are my own

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  1. Looks like a great idea for some children. My first son was totally ready and just excited for school but I know that is not the case for all children.

  2. Aww! Sylvia looked adorable when she was little (She still does now) but it’s lovely to see older photos of her.
    The Big School Buddy is such a wonderful idea. A great way to get little one’s excited for school. x

  3. The behaviour stickers always work and makes the children behave well as they’re a major motivating factor for them.

    1. They are a good idea and work well for me! Reward charts, stickers and focussing on positive behaviour works well for us!

    1. oh thanks. Some kids do settle well. As a early years teacher we had kids who were happy and went to play then kids who just cried and wanted their parents and then those who cry when the parent leaves and when they arrive but are fine all day! …but that was nursery not reception!

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