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A few weeks ago we went to Blackpool after school. I had an appointment in the area and we wanted to enjoy our visit to the seaside. I have not been to the sea this year. This was my first visit and it was only for a few hours but a nice moment with my daughter.

mother and child

Before my appointment we went to the Seafront. Sylvia was so excited. She just wanted to get to the sand and have a bit of fun. It was an unusual experience for me. I don’t get out much but I had rested for two days and had the strength to walk down to the beach with a few rests in between.

blackpool beach

It was a windy and wet day. In fact it in the evening when it got dark there was a massive thunder storm with thunder and lightening and flash floods in some areas in the UK. I loved being at the seaside and smelling the fresh salt air. It was fabulous.

Sylvia walking

Moments like these are precious to me. I guess before chronic illness I took things for granted a lot more and popping to the shop or going out for the day was just normal. Now I pace and rest and reserve strength for our special moments and it is so worth it.

mother and child

I wasn’t planning on having any photos and didn’t dress fancy or do any makeup but John got out his camera and so we ended up having some lovely mother and daughter pictures which really made me day.

Sylvia close up

Sylvia wore her new furry cardigan and it kept her lovely and warm. I get hot naturally so although the air was cold, I didn’t need any other layers. We did find some puddles and Sylvia had a good old jump in them. I think in the past I may have been reluctant to let her do this but when are we going to be in Blackpool again and have the chance to splash in the water?

splashing in a puddle

The Seaside was lovely. We only stayed there a short time and then I had to go to my appointment. After we took Sylvia for food and waited till dark to see the Blackpool Illuminations. It was a fantastic sight, one I didn’t expect to see this year.

sitting on fence

Moments with my daughter out and about are so special to me. We even found and picked some daisies and I taught Sylvia the trick, “he loves me, he loves me not” where you pull all the petals off the flower to find out if someone loves you.

mother and child

We both had a go and the “subject” was John my husband and Sylvia’s Dad. Luckily the last petal was “He loves me”. Of course we discussed the real way of knowing if someone loves you is by the way they treat you. Having been in an abusive marriage previously I want to teach my daughter about healthy relationships to ensure she does not fall into a similar situation. I love her too much to let that happen.

picking flowers