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The Positive Influence Of Friends Rebecca Lax

Welcome to my fantastic friendship series. This is a blog series where I share a post about a friend who has a special place in my life. It’s a record for me and my daughter but also something inspiring which others may enjoy reading. Your welcome to submit an article yourself about one of your friends. I’d love to share it.

Angela x

Fantastic Friendships One

Growing up I heard over and over how friends can sometimes be bad influences. I don’t know who told me this message but I internalised it and often wonder if that had anything to do with my struggle to make and keep friends while growing up.

I did have some friends but they were few and far between and very unique to me. Today I will be writing about my friendship with Rebecca Lax.

My best friend Rebecca was born on the same day as me in the same hospital. Call it co-incidence or fate we were destined to be together.

Rebecca and I first developed our friendship in Nursery school. As a child she was a little bigger than the other kids and that created opportunities for name calling and bullying. I was the type of child who would not stand for this and so Rebecca and I built a friendship at a young age.


(Me on the bottom right hand side wearing a stripy jumper. Rebecca with Ginger hair Middle row)

I recall visiting my friend at her home, eating mushy peas and chips (for the first time) and watching Alice in Wonderland. The pink Cheshire cat on the TV back in 1987 really scared me. I hated the Cheshire cat and that bring grin and never understood what on earth it meant, but I loved spending time with my friend and we grew close to one another.

At the age of 5 I moved away to the other side of town. I had the measles and didn’t get to say goodbye to my classmates or Rebecca. I missed her and thought of her often. In fact it wasn’t until 7 years later I was walking down my street and I saw my old friend standing in the garden. What was she doing? Her dad was digging and she was talking.

I really couldn’t believe it. All all places Rebecca had moved with her father and step mum to my street. We were reunited. As if we had never been apart. That night we hung out, watched movies, peeled potatoes and cooked chips and had a sleep over. We hung out every night until my family migrated to New Zealand. This was one friendship I dearly missed on the other side of the world.

Life passed by. I grew up, married young and divorced by the time I was 22. Rebecca also married and became a step mother. I had a letter from her once and dreamed of coming to her wedding but at the time I was in University and didn’t have the money.

13 years after we last saw one another I flew to England on holiday. I finally met up with my long lost friend after so long. We met in a cafe in Barnsley and had a drink together. It was great to meet again at long last.

In 2010 when I returned to England permanently I rekindled my friendship with Bex once again. Sadly we both had one thing in common and that was we had both developed health issues. We maintained our friendship and when I married John in 2013 Rebecca attended my wedding. This was a dream come true.

Rebecca Lax

Not long after my marriage my friend Rebecca divorced. She then met a fantastic man who treats her like a queen and two months ago they had a beautiful little girl together. I was so excited to see all the lovely photos on Facebook and eventually once my health is improved I will be visiting my friend and her lovely family once more.

The best news is Rebecca is getting married and I’ve been invited to the wedding. I really am looking forward to this. It’s not a moment I want to miss or one I ever thought I’d attend but it’s going to happen and I’ll be there.

Rebecca and I will always be friends. Nothing can break the bond we have, no distance, no time. We are friends forever and this is one friendship I will cherish my entire life.

Angela x