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The Portrait Project And The Subject Of Growth Spurts

Seriously, I cannot believe how much my daughter has grown in the past year. One minute she was a little girl the next minute she has shot up in height and she is now in size 10 clothing, although she is not quite 9 yet. Children have growth spurts but for us it just keeps happening over and over. In fact the other day Sylvia put on a dress which was way too small. It is her age but no longer fits so it was the last time for her to wear this lovely dress and we are going to have to get new clothing items.

growth spurts

It’s not just with clothing. The same thing happens with shoes and so my mum took Sylvia to Clarks for her Birthday and she now has a new pair of school shoes and trainers. I love going to the clarks outlet, it’s usually half price and they had a deal buy one get one for £5 which was pretty great. So as my daughter grows and spurts I am going to look for some second hand items. I am going to try and muster up the health and strength to visit some charity stores and look for some awesome clothes at bargain prices. I wrote a post this week on 101 ways to save money and second hand clothing is one of the ways to do this.

growth spurts

I hope you like this lovely post and our portrait photo of the week. 🙂

Angela x