Playmobil Unicorn Playground Advent Calendar

Today we started our Playmobil Unicorn Playground Advent Calendar. We started a day late as my daughter was having one of those days yesterday where her behaviour was not exactly deserving of a treat. Fast forward to today and Sylvia was overjoyed to find she had an alternative style Advent calendar with wonderful toys inside.


We opened up the box to find a lovely cardboard scene which i was able to put together with ease. We then made a little youtube movie of Sylvia opening her day one toy. She got the angel fairy and was so so excited.


We then opened up day two which was the fairy wand/stick which fits int he fairy’s hand. Sylvia then went and place her first two pieces of playmobil into the scene. She decided the fairy was lonely and so she found some existing toys namely Elsa and Kristoff to join the fairy in the woodland scene.


I really was not sure what I’d think of this advent calendar. It looks quite small online and when it arrived it was a great big box and well quite frankly I love it so far. I’m guessing it’s going to be a little difficult for Sylvia to keep the boxes closed until Christmas. I guess it’s a great lesson of patience.


Now I was not asked by any PR company to write a post or review on this product. I simply wanted to share as I think its a great alternative to chocolate advents (although Sylvia has a chocolate one too). I’m pleased i discovered these playmobil advent calendars and I’d like to get the nativity scene next year.

Sylvia and I made our little movie and uploaded it to Youtube. It’s not perfect..i’m still learning how to vlog and make movies and i’m hoping to get a video camera sometime next year. Hope you enjoyed our mini video!



    1. This one is great and so much fun every morning. She is waking up and i can use it to get her to get dressed… it’s like yep get your uniform on and then we can open it and she rushes to get ready..which shows she really does love it!

  1. I like this Advent Calendar a lot Angela!! I have never done one that is not full of chocolates!! I think next year I will get more of this type of calendars. I like your video, You should do one at the end so we can see all the little characters!! 🙂 xx

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