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Making The Most Of The Sunshine With So Glow

Autumn and Winter is on it’s way and sometimes It’s good to get out in the garden or in front of the house to play. It is for Sylvia. You see when she has to be indoors due to rain or other reasons she often tends to gravitate towards the ipad or computer and I do like her to play and use her imagination and not always be in front of the screen.

So last week when we stopped at the Supermarket we picked up a packet of fat chalks for one pound. It was really quite a bargain. I saved them for the weekend and today Sylvia and her friends had so much fun chalking away on the paths and road in outside the home.

Our neighbours didn’t mind and the before we know it the rain will have washed the chalk away but it was great to see the kids actually playing outside rather than sitting at home on a computer.

We were also sent a lovely pack of So Glow DIY Jars this week and Sylvia and her friends were super excited to test them out.

The So Glow DIY Magic Jar Kit comes with three bottles. Each bottle contains stickers, a blind bag, glitter and sparkles.

Sylvia and her friends each chose one Jar to open and decorate. There was a different small creature in each blind bag, Sylvia got a Narwhal and her friends got a bear and a unicorn.

The girls stuck the stickers onto their So Glow Jars and then filled them with water.

After adding glitter and sparkles, the tiny creatures were placed into the So Glow Jars and the lids closed. The stickers need to be placed on the outside of the jar so they don’t get wet by the water.

The Jars have a glow battery on the lid and glow up when they are in a darker area.

Sylvia and her friends absolutely loved their so glow jars and had fun making them. They also loved spending the day outdoors and it was great to see my daughter having a screen free play day.

*We were gifted the So Glow DIY Pack*