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PlayDoh Kitchen Creations For Kids Review

PlayDoh Kitchen Creations Play Set Review From Hasbro

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PlayDoh Kitchen Creations Review

This week we received the PlayDoh Kitchen Creations set from Hasbro. Sylvia has always loved playing with PlayDoh from a young age and was really excited to review this product here in the blog.

The PlayDoh Kitchen creations set comes with a plastic stovetop, a frying pan, pot, plates, cutlery and of course PlayDoh. Sylvia had everything she needed to get creative and role play cooking in the home.

We have a Messy mat which is brilliant for activities like PlayDoh and so we put the mat out in the lounge and Sylvia got to work testing out her new activity set.

Sylvia decided to cook some healthy food in her make shift kitchen. She started out with eggs and meat and then made some pancakes. She really enjoyed coming up with ideas and the PlayDoh kept her busy for some hours.

We haven’t had any PlayDoh for around a year so I wasn’t sure how well this would go but it was a big hit. This Kitchen Creations activity set is suitable for kids age 3 plus. The cooker stove requires 3 AA batteries and the stove creates a sizzling sound when the pans are placed on it.

I was really impressed with the Kitchen Creations PlayDoh set. You can buy this set from many different stores including Amazon for around £16.99.

When asked to rate this activity out of 10, Sylvia gave it a big fat 10. She did say she would have liked to maybe have a few more colour options as well. We enjoyed testing out this product and my daughter is now playing with the set again for a second time today as I write this post.

Angela x

*We were sent this product as part of the Hasbro toy testing team.


  1. This brings back great memories of being a kid! Used to love playdo. Love how it gets kids interested in the premise of cooking too 🙂 i always used to love copying everything my mum did lol x

  2. My kids are all older and I totally miss the smell of Play-doh. For generations Play-Doh has been a favorite of children everywhere and it is no different today.

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