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Using Disney Frozen Dolls For Imaginary Play

frozen dolls

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This is how my daughter began exploring the internet, discovered frozen’s “Ahna” and “Elsa” and other Barbie Doll videos produced by Toy Review companies!

Using Disney Frozen Dolls For Imaginary Play

Two years ago  Sylvia kept saying she was bored! She didn’t know what to do. Especially in the Summer Holidays, (when I was in and out of hospital), I wasn’t well enough to take her anywhere and we did spend a lot of time together trying to make fun in the bedroom.

As Sylvia loves dancing we started watching Pop stars singing on Youtube. Sylvia would dance and have a great time. One day we were watching Demi Lovato Sing Frozen’s “Let it go” and Sylvia was singing along. As we looked for the next item to sing, we noticed other Frozen Youtube videos…this is how Sylvia began exploring the internet (under supervision of course!).

frozen dolls

So Sylvia discovered frozen’s “Ahna” and “Elsa”  and other Barbie Doll videos. These are videos produced by Toy Review companies who open up toys, talk about them and play with the toys on video.

Sylvia enjoys really enjoys watching toy reviews. She really likes Play Time toy Unboxing. They have a fab Youtube channel which we subscribe to for free. It keeps Sylvia busy on rainy days or when I am stuck in bed and we wants to sit together and hang out.

Sylvia watches Youtube on the laptop or the Ipad Mini. She is very good with technology. She’s learning very young. She knows how to use safari and google. She knows how to use Youtube. She can take photos, send messages to me and John, make videos and voice recordings.

In fact, it’s always funny when I discover a new voice recording or cute message sent to me which is spelt all wrong full of little love hearts and happy face emoticons. She even made a little movie of my grandparents when she went to stay for the night. It was so cute!

Sylvia can pretty much use the whole Apple ISO system yet she is still in the very early stages of reading, learning to tell the time and just starting to learn basic math skills. We really do live in a technologically advanced world and  as a mother I’m aware of internet safety and the need to keep a balance between the types of things I did as a kid and the online world.

The good news is that Sylvia loves to play in her room with her toys especially her barbie dolls and she gets to bring them into my room when she wants to play with them and watch toy reviews at the same time.

What really cracks me up is that the toy reviews are done in America and Sylvia has picked up several American phrases which I’ve heard her say. It is so cute. In fact the other day,  I asked her where she learnt a phrase and she replied “Barbie said it to Ken”! – So cute.

I think children using technology -under supervised conditions- is a perfectly okay and healthy thing to do-so long my child get’s the right balance.

Sylvia hardly ever watches traditional television and we do help her to balance her toy review obsession with other activities like drawing, making crafts, playing in her room, playing outside and going out and about in the community.


  1. My 9 year old loves to watch YouTube. She watches more of it than she does TV too….
    hahaha! She also watches the Play Time Toy Unboxing channel.
    I know exactly what you mean about them picking up American phrases…My girl often uses an American accent. lol x

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