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Plan Actions Not Results Losing Six Stone

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Plan Actions Not Results Losing Six Stone

happiness quote

At the start of 2016 I set some goals. I had no idea if I would achieve them. I had no idea what results I would see at the end of the year but I decided to focus on the actions I would take towards my goals and hope the hard work and effort would lead me to the destination I wanted to get to.

Health wise I set some major life goals. One was to lose weight and have gastric bypass surgery. A second goal was to find an endocrinologist willing to work with me on the adrenal pump – a medication I knew I needed and a task which had for the previous three years been almost impossible.

I was determined this would be the year to find the specialist I needed. My third goal was to raise money for an adrenal pump and private treatment which would cost around £5000-6000. Rather than focus on the end results, I made an action plan of how I would reach these huge enormous goals.

Having Gastric Bypass Surgery was something I had been working towards for two years before my operation. I had undergone all the assessments, done the hard work and lost the weight I needed to in order to qualify for the operation. So when I made my goal I knew I had to stay on track and simply keep attending appointments and doing my best to stick to a low calorie diet.

I did it! In March 2016 I had my Gastric bypass surgery which was quite horrendous and the following six months was incredibly difficult. I’ve been through all the stages from not being able to eat or drink to having liquids, then mashed foods and then solids. I’ve learnt to eat again. I gave up certain things back in 2015, some foods and drinks I shall never eat again. I have gone through the emotional and mental difficulties one goes through after major surgery and it’s not been an easy journey.

I am still learning and struggling, however I have almost reached my first goal which was to get down to 15 stone for my 34th Birthday. I did not quite reach it, I am currently 15.5 stone but I have lost over six stone in two years and I’m pretty proud of that.

lost six stone

Losing weight has not been easy. A gastric bypass is not an easy way out. It changes your life forever and is hard work. It’s life changing and something I am learning to live with. One of the reasons for losing weight besides the obvious health benefits was the reduction in steroid medication.

My steroid medication is determined by my weight. The more I weigh the more medication I need and the more steroids the more weight I gain. It’s a vicious cycle and so I wanted to lose weight to reduce my medication and make getting an adrenal pump and self funding the medication more affordable.

I needed to find a specialist to help me with my goal of seeing if the adrenal pump would work for me and I found one after looking for three years. It was not an easy thing to do and I had to pay a large sum for treatment. I fundraise £300 and John and I paid the rest by scrimping and saving. Again I did not focus on the end result but focussed on trying to find ways to budget and save to do whatever we could to pay for this treatment.

It was worth it! Every single effort we have put in was worth it because I’ve been on the adrenal pump for six months now and not been in Hospital once compared to 22 times prior to starting this treatment. I’m still exhausted and still not ready for exercise- a goal for 2017- but I reached my 2016 goal of getting on the pump. I even shared a story in the paper and a magazine to help me fund my treatment.

I didn’t know if I would reach my goals this year but I planned actions and things to do to work towards it. Sylvia did a sponsored trampoline jump and I have worked endlessly on the blog to try and earn money and fund treatment.

sponsored jump

At the end of the day I still need another £1000 and am paying a big amount each month to stay on the treatment but it is worth it and I reached my goal to get on the pump. Next year my goal is to petition to the NHS to fund my medications- which is so much cheaper than returning to Hospital over and over and putting my life at risk of adrenal crisis.

So I will be making new health goals for 2017. They will be progress from where I am at and my focus again will not be the results but the steps to get to the goals and results I hope for. After all happy people plan actions, they don’t plan results. The actions we take get us to our destination and I guess I’ve learnt a lot this year about fighting for your dreams and doing all you can to succeed.

Angela x

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  1. I think that all you have achieved this year is absolutely amazing. You have worked so hard where others would have given up and the difference to your health is incredible. You should be so, so proud of yourself. Very inspiring xx

  2. You are so right – such an inspiring quote! And you have achieved so much in the last year, you should be very proud. Wishing you all the best with your petition to the NHS and look forward to hearing about your goals for 2017. xx

  3. How inspiring! Well done for everything you’ve achieved this year. I’ll definitely keep that in mind for the future of making an action plan rather than focusing on the scary goal!

  4. Wow what an amazing achievement. You’re determined to succeed is pretty inspiring! I hope that you continue to achieve your goals. I like this approach as it seem far more practical that just wishing for things to happen by magic!

    1. It’s due to the medication/condition being rare and not enough research and knowledge! I will get there with the nhs though!

  5. Wow you have done so amazingly well, don’t give up on the NHS, lobby your MP to advocate on your behalf, it’s amazing what can happen when you have a politician backing you up! Good luck with 2017!

  6. Doesn’t make sense not to fund medication that would see you out of hospital – those stats are crazy! Glad you made such headway in 2016 and wishing you all the best for 2017. Hope you get the care you need.

  7. I’m really full of admiration for all that you have done. What an achievement to reach those goals despite all the odds! I hope that everything goes well for you and that your health continues to improve, x

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