Places to Visit in Houston With Your Family

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Are you planning a vacation in Houston with your family? There are various places to visit where you can also take your children. Ranging from the wine-tasting countryside to the renowned opera theatres and the famous NASA space center, Houston has it all.

Houston has both scenic regions and metropolitan tourist attractions to visit. With such options, it can be a struggle to create an itinerary that can fit within a week. It is also a challenge when you are traveling with children.

To make it easier for planning a trip to Houston, this article will discuss the various locations you can visit in this region.

Children’s Museum of Houston

This is a great, kid-friendly place where everyone can have fun and spend an amazing quality time. The museum is huge, boasting an area of 90,000 square feet.

If you have a toddler, you should definitely go to the Tot Spot. This space has numerous toys and imagination boosters that will be surely enjoyed by your infant. This museum also has an outdoor space with water pipes and small boats for the little ones to enjoy. 

You can take the older kids to Kidtropolis. Here, they can play make-believe as doctors and chefs and run grown-up errands like going to the bank.

School-going children get amazed at the “How Does It Work” area. This area is educational and also entertaining. It has interactive demonstrations of science, making learning fun.


There are also diverse locations for wine tasting in Houston. If you are a wine connoisseur or simply love this drink, you can visit the vineyards and wineries in the scenic hills of Houston. Houston residents know their wines.

This county has numerous picturesque vineyard hills and wine tasting rooms in the metropolitan area. The city has an abundance of history and interesting stories. There are at least seven wineries dispersed all over the state’s spectacular landscape between the I-45 and U.S. Highway 290.

The children can enjoy the beautiful greenery and play in the open space of the vineyards. In the wine tasting bars, they can enjoy amazing food and grow their palate. The majority of the bars serve charcuterie boards with assortments of various fruits, cheese, and freshly baked bread. 

They also serve delectable artisan pizzas. Your kids will surely love the classic Margherita pizza while the adults enjoy sipping the wine. Besides, who doesn’t love delicious hot pizzas?

There are various types of wines available, from light-bodied to full-bodied ones. All of them have an enticing aroma and fruity notes. The best aspect of wine tasting rooms is that both grown-ups and children can have fun. You can create fond memories with your family here.

Messina Hof Hill Country and Chisholm Trail winery are great, charming places to visit as they have great wines and natural views. La Fuente Winery and 13 celsius are amazing places to visit in the urban area. They have beautiful decors paired with fantastic wine and food menus.

Also, the invigorating interiors of the bars and the scenic views make it an unforgettable experience.

Houston Zoo

Houston Zoo is one of my most favorite spots and should be on your bucket list. This zoo houses over 6000 animals and has an area of more than 55 acres. If you visit this place, it is mandatory to witness the elephants taking a bath majestically. You also should not miss out on the African Forest zone where the chimps and gorillas are “monkeying” around.

The kids will definitely enjoy taking a spin on the carousel. They will also love feeding the giraffes. During feeding, make sure your child lets go of the leaf as soon the giraffe holds on to it. Otherwise, the kid will go up and hang with the leaf when the giraffe lifts it.

The zoo also has a petting area where the little ones can interact with the animals and pet them. They also have a playground where the children can run around and play. For those who can not bear the heat or need to cool off, you can wind down in the “cool zones.” These zones are indoors and have strong air conditioners where everyone can beat the heat.

Space Center Houston

Everyone remembers the famous quote, “Houston, we have a problem.” This quotation was from the radio communication between the celebrated Apollo 13 astronaut and NASA Mission Control Center.

When visiting Houston, it is compulsory to visit Space Center Houston, where out-of-this-world history was made and the human race took a leap towards science advancements. The center has amazing artifacts and memorabilia. They also host numerous amazing shows and elucidate the stunning chronology of various scientific milestones.

One of the mass favorites is the tram tour. They hold two types of tours; you can choose either of them or try both of them. One tour is to the Historic Mission Control, and the other one takes to the Building 9 Astronaut Training Center.

All the tram trips end at Rocket Park where you will have sufficient time to explore the enormous Saturn V space rocket. It is one of the three that still exists and has a whopping height of more than 36 stories.

To make the most of the day, plan ahead and create a schedule. You can reserve a free-timed ticket for the most renowned activities such as the Independence shuttle replica. Create an itinerary with the scheduled live shows you are interested in.

Hermann Park

Hermann Park is near the zoo and the famous Miller Outdoor Theater. This makes it convenient for tourists to have an outing in nature in the hustling, bustling city. It is ideal to begin your visit with the train ride the park offers.

Having a picnic in the Japanese Gardens is a delightful experience. The grown-ups can lay back and relax while the kids are running around and playing in the Buddy Carruth Playground.

Simply walking in the park is a treat itself. Kids aged seven and above can explore McGovern Lake with the rental pedal boats. You can also feed the ducks and birds in the park.


Picking Houston as your next vacation spot can be the best decision as it has a lot to offer. You will definitely make memories with your family here that will always be cherished.

From visiting the historic Space Center to the exhilarating wine tasting experience, everyone can have an enjoyable experience. 

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