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Last week as the weather turned the coldest it’s been Sylvia was in need of some really good tights. I have to be honest, I’ve tried stockings and tights from a number of stores and supermarkets and the very best ones we’ve had are from Peacocks.

pink pyjamas Sylvias Style

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Peacocks have some thermal stockings which are £3.50 for two and they are fluffy and warm and don’t get holes like the ones from some other shops. So, John and I visited Peacocks with Sylvia to see if any tights were in store. We were in luck there was one packet in the back of the shop.

Pink Pyjamas Sylvias Style

While we were in Peacocks we saw the most gorgeous clothes, pyjama sets and dressing gowns. Sylvia and I spotted some daddy PJ’S which had the poo emoji on and joked about buying some for John for Christmas. I’m not sure how that would go down!

Pink Pyjamas

Anyway we found some fluffy fleece Pyjamas for girls and they looked fantastic.

Sylvia recently got a girls tracksuit fleece from Tiny Trolls of Norway which she keeps wearing over and over and so we decided to invest in some nice new warm Pyjamas for the winter.

Trust me Sylvia needed some. She is constantly having growth spurts and is shooting up!

Pink Pyjamas

So Sylvia picked out the most delightful item.

It was the Penguin PJ set which she thought was super cute and I thought so too.

When we got home she had a lovely bath and put on her warm fluffy Pyjamas.

Pink Pyjamas

I think wearing comforting nightwear can really give you a sense of wellbeing and Sylvia certainly looked snug and content in her new PJ’s. I’m super pleased with this new set. They cost £9.99 and these were a need rather than a want and it was certainly time to buy some things my daughter needed.

Pink Pyjamas

So I will be washing the PJ’s and testing them out to see how they wear. If they are as good as the stockings then we may have to return to Peacocks again next year. I guess time will tell.

Pink Pyjamas

Angela x

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