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Philips Juicer And The Real Juice Reboot


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Philips Juicer And The Real Juice Reboot

2016 is a year of change for me and my family. Both John and I are working towards our weight loss goals and forming healthier habits. We are not only wanting to reduce our waist lines but are also working on nutrition, making sure the whole family gets a good range of vitamins and minerals to help beat those winter colds and bugs.

As you can imagine, I was delighted to team up with Philips to review the Philips Viva Collection Juicer. Juicing is a fabulous way to get your 5 plus a day of fruit and veg and once our new juicer arrived, we got to work testing out some amazing recipes created by Joe Wicks, The Body Coach.

Phillips Juicer

For those following my blog, you will know that I’ve been on a Liver shrinking diet in preparation for an operation I need to have on Tuesday, therefore I’ve been making the juice with my daughter sylvia and John my husband has been the one to take on the #realjuicereboot challenge.

Sylvia has also been enjoying having a small juice each morning alongside her usual breakfast. All I can say is, what a fab way to sneak extra fruit and veg into your child’s diet!

Phillips Juicer

We’ve tested out a range of different recipes created by The Body Coach and our favourite was called, The Cool Cucumber. John really liked this one. The apples gave sweetness and the lime and mint added a tangy and refreshing taste to the juice. I also  had a taste and it really was fantastic.

Cool as a Cucumber

1 cucumber

2 apples

5 mint leaves

1/2 a lime

The machine works really great and there were no bits in the juice. The fruit and veg are crushed really fast and using the juicer was so much fun, everyone was wanting to take in turns to crush the veg and make the juice.

Phillips Juicer

I have a fantastic wall chart in my kitchen which lists all the different vitamins and minerals in fruit and vegetables and so Sylvia and I were able to use this as a reference as we made the juice in the philips Juicer. The Juicing machine is fantastic. You don’t have to chop up the fruit or veg, you can simply drop the whole fruit, for example the apple directly into the feeding tube. The juice is pushed out into the collection jug and the left over skin and pulp is collected in a separate part of the juicer.

The one thing I love about this machine is that it is so easy to clean. The Viva collection juicer has quick clean technology which allows it to be cleaned within one minute. This is fantastic as no one wants to spend ages cleaning pulp from the equipment. The machine can make up to 2 litres of juice at a time which is plenty for anyone wanting to take part in the #realjuicereboot challenge.


I’d like to thank Philips for the opportunity to test out this fabulous Juicer. It’s a brilliant device and something which will be having a permanent home in our kitchen. For more information on the Philips range of juicers you can visit the Philips website.

phillips vivia juic

Do you have a juicer or a favourite juicing recipe? I’d love to hear back.


We were gifted the Philips Juicer in return for an honest review.


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    1. This is perfect for me as I’ve been told i can only have natural unsweeteend juice so if i make my own I’ll be able to have small glasses of juice after my operation which is great as all supermarket juice is out the window!

    1. It’s a great way to get the extra fruit and veg. I think it’s best to use more veg than fruits though as fruit has a lot more sugar etc. It tastes fab though. thanks for the well wishes.

  1. I’m toying around with the idea of getting a juicer as they look really good and definitely a great way to sneak more fruit and vegetables into a child’s diet. The Philips one looks really good.

    Laura x

  2. I always wanted a juicer! I think it’s awesome to be able to juice fruits and veggies aside from adding them in smoothies.

    1. I personally prefer it as an additional boost to the day than a juicing diet tyoe thing, it can be really handy and is a great addition in the kitchen! I’m looking forward to moving house and getting a bigger kitchen so I can keep my new juicer and smoothie machine on the bench.

  3. I don’t have a juicer but I’d love one! My son loves drinking juices and smoothies and now that he’s in the fussy toddler stage and thinks everything is ‘yucky’, it’s sometimes the only way I can get fruit and veg into him! Good luck with your operation tomorrow.

  4. I was supposed to get a juicer as a gift for myself last Christmas, but the oven broke down so I had to replace that first. I’m going to save up to get a Philips juicer. This would jump start my journey to health!

  5. I used to have a juicer but they are so awkward to clean so it is nice to know that there are now some out there which are easy to clean! I am glad to hear the diet is going well. Hope you’re ok lovely 🙂

    Gemma xx

  6. This Juicer looks great and you are so right…homemade juices and smoothies are the best way to sneak fruit and veg into your child’s diet. We have a Nutribullet at home which i used for all of two weeks before putting it to the back of the cupboard because i just couldn’t find any “concoctions” i liked the taste off. Heard nothing but good things about the recipes from Joe Wicks though so may have to dig it back out and try again! xx

  7. The juicer looks fab I love the idea of them as I am rubbish and getting my 5 a day so this juicer would be so handy to have to help get in some more of my 5 a day. I like that the juicer is easy to clean too I don’t need the faffing around of cleaning up.

  8. I love the idea of being able to sneak more veg into a juice. I use a Bamix for smoothies (and just about everything else) but it doesn’t juice very well. This sounds perfect.

  9. I’ve never tried it myself, but I’ve purchased fresh juices like that many times. I should totally do this at home myself.

  10. This sounds great and I like the idea of involving the kids in something like this to make sure they are getting lots of fruit and veg in their diet. Also cute little glasses to drink the juice out of x

  11. I love smoothies and green juices! I really need to get back in the habit of this although I did find it expensive with fruit if i couldn’t get to the local grocers. Thanks for the kick to get back to juicing. I hope your liver reducing diet is goin well for your op x

    1. I think its best to go to a shop or the market where fruit and veg are really well priced. I guess if we usually buy £3 of juice a week and replace it with £3 of fruit and veg from the market then i’d probably end up with the same amount of juice.

  12. We have this juicer, Angela but I found it a bit cumbersome, we have quite a small kitchen. It was replaced after a while with a Nutribullet due to its size but as you say, it is a great juicer and comes at a fair price too.xx

    1. I guess you need side space to keep the juicer out all the time. We have the juicer on our bench but it will be better when i move house and get a bigger kitchen!

  13. This looks fabulous. I bought a really cheap and nasty juicer last year and it was a disaster. It took so long to prepare all the fruit and veg and a lifetime to clean. In the end, I got so frustrated that I threw it out. But I do love fresh juices and I think if I invested in a decent juicer then a daily juice could become a real part of my diet. Good luck with your operation on Tuesday. I hope it goes well. I will be thinking of you. Hugs Lucy xxxx

    1. Oh dear that sounds terrible. Unfortunately my op was cancelled at the last minute which is annoying but…I can have an apple a day and hope to make a little apple juice for myself.

  14. Amazing. These juicer is such a great kitchen partner when it comes on doing a juice 🙂 I want to have one of these. I’m going to check this out.

  15. Those juices look so healthy, refreshing, and delicious. We usually only drink juices made from fresh fruits or vegetables so we should probably invest in a good juicer.

  16. Quick clean sounds great, the reason I got rid of my last juicer was that it took so long to clean it used to drive me crazy! x

  17. Great review! I’m always looking for new things to try out and this looks great! Thanks for sharing, I’m off to check it out! Suz x

  18. This sounds fab and I like your healthy juice! We’re huge fans of juices here, I’ve never thought about getting a juicer. Great review!

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