Philips Go Sure ADR620 Dash Cam Review

Philips Go Sure ADR620 Dash Cam

Last week John and I tested out our brand new Phillips GoSure ADR820 Dash cam as we journeyed to Manchester for a hospital appointment. Being the safety conscious husband that John is, he has always wanted a good quality dash cam. In fact we did have one for a few months, however it was a budget dash cam which broke and was not much use to us.

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That’s why I was excited to have the opportunity to review the new Phillips GoSure ADR820 as I know this is a good brand and this Dash cam has lots of brilliant features.

The GoSure ADR820 has a 140 degree wide recording angle, a Sony image sensor and F1.8 lens. Sometimes when driving locally or on the Motorway, we may have some crazy drivers weaving in and out or pulling out when they really should not. Having a Dash Cam can deter others from doing this, helping to keep us safer. The Phillips Dash Cam is also a protection and could help should a crash or event take place. It is always great to have evidence to show who is at fault.

Last year my husband found himself in an unfortunate road rage attack. It turned out the driver was high on drugs and that there had been a series of incidents that day. Having a Dash cam in this instance would have been really useful. Now we have a new dash cam, I think it will give my husband peace of mind.

One thing I love about the new Dash Cam is that there is a collision detecting G-sensor and a Driver fatigue alert warning. This is really good and makes this particular Dash Cam appealing to me.

I love the LCD screen on the GoSure ADR820. It is really clear and precise. My husband is super impressed and loves how the cam automatically switches off when the engine is turned off.

Richard Armstrong, Philips Business Development Manager Automotive – UK & Eire commented: “We all hope our journeys are safe and incident free. But in the case of an accident, gathering accurate evidence is vital. I totally agree with this. A Dash Cam can record detail sharply and accurately and help avoid added stress or unnecessary claim disputes.Philips_ADR820_dash cam_top_angle_front_view_17_APR (1)

The Philips Go Sure has an optional rear camera and GPS tracking system which can bring transparency and honesty to any car incident. These new Dash cams are available at selected Currys PC World stores nationwide. We really like our Dash Cam and are pleased to have such good quality protection for our car.

*We were sent a Dash Cam for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.


  1. My dad has one of these but a relatively cheap one. You have give me the idea of the perfect Christmas present for him! Thank you, he doesn’t want anything but he would love this.

  2. Hello, as many comments are at around 2017 I would like to know if anyone owns this dash cam what is the durability of it? I had 2 E-Prance ones for £30 and after about 2 years they done last mainly for 2 reasons:
    1) They do not have a battery, but there is a capacitor only for a 5 minute session mainly to shut it down. THose two are basically dying.
    2) THe dash I had could not withstand high and very low temperatures, so I had to unplug them and take them with me.

    I would appreciate any feedback?


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