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Pewter Feather Quill And Ink Set From Pen Heaven

When I was a child, my sister Deborah had a Calligraphy set. I recall watching her practice certain letters using her quill and always wanted to try it out. Time passed and I never did end up trying Calligraphy as fun as it looked. That is until this week when I received a lovely gift from Pen Heaven.

I love gifts from Pen Heaven. They always come beautifully wrapped with ribbon and gorgeous paper. it makes the gift even more exciting to open. When I opened my gift set I was really excited. The Pewter Feather quill and ink set looked fantastic.

I chose a Pewter Feather quill and Ink set that had 7 different nibs and a really gorgeous Owl motif. The Owl motif decorates both the quill and the black ink bottle. My grandma loves owls and has passed the love of owls on to me.

I think this the Pewter quill is gorgeous. It has style and class and is a great way to get into the art of Calligraphy and a good way to contribute to the environment. There are so many plastic pens out there and using a sustainable pen is not only a little luxury for me, it’s a good way to be sustainable and reduce waste. I use computers so often, It’s just really fun to find a different way to write and makes me feel like I’m in the olden times. I don’t know what it was but using the quill for the first time was pretty exciting and my daughter was keen to try it out after me.


The Pewter Quill is gorgeous. I do love the white feather and the contract this has when using the black ink. I like the weight of the pen and enjoyed trying some letter writing with my new set. I have a feeling my daughter is going to try to pinch this from me but I’m keeping this set for myself and looking forward to using it in the coming days.

*We were sent this product for the purpose of review*