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Last week our family attended the Peter Pan Pantomime at the Middleton Arena in Lancashire. When we arrived we were shown the way to the 500 seat auditorium. The stage was set and the musicians were ready playing pantomime music as the crowds prepared for a fantastic performance.

The Pantomime begun and the audience loved it. The show began with the introduction of Tinkerbell, Peter Pan’s fairy. We then met the funny man of the night Dean Winters who initially plays the butler for Wendy,  John and Michael Darling.

The first half of the pantomime was fabulous. We enjoyed musical performances, singing and dancing along with many jokes and a lot of laughter and shouting. I loved the fact the lost boys was performed by young children who had clearly practiced and danced well throughout the show. We also loved seeing Tiger Lilly and her Indians and seeing dancing performed by hooks Pirates.

The best part of the first half for us was the flying sequences when Wendy and Peter flew to Netherland. It was really fantastic to watch.


During the interval we went to the shop an purchased a flashing light butterfly with huge wings on for my daughter to hold. Lots of children had these and they lit up the audience during the show. We also went backstage and my daughter was able to meet Peter Pan and Wendy. We also went and took photos next to the peter pan scene in the foyer.


The second half of the pantomime was even funnier than the first with lots of joking and nonsense by Smee (the second character played by dean Winters).

Wendy Darling played by Leah Murphy performed a fabulous rendition of “Somewhere out there” and Peter played by Oliver Mellor saved the day after the nasty Captain Hook kidnapped Wendy.


Peter Pan is a fabulous pantomime for children. It had both kids and parents laughing and shouting. The pirates ran around squirting the audience with water pistols and they really got the audience involved.

The best part for us was when the actors threw small balls into the audience so the children could throw ‘cannons” at the mean Captain Hook. I happened to have a ball thrown in my direction to my daughters joy I caught it with both hands. She was then able to hold onto the ball and throw it onto the stage when Peter Pan gave the signal.

The Peter Pan Pantomime was really fantastic. It was a great night out for the kids and for me seeing my daughter happy and having fun made me happy. I’m looking forward to further shows and performances at the Middleton arena in future.

This was not a paid review. All comments are honest opinions and thoughts regarding the performance.