7 Personalized Gifts for Teens That Are Adorable

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Personalized Gifts for Teens that are Adorable 

Buying gifts for teenagers is a notoriously difficult task – most of them have everything they could ever want or are only interested in the latest technology and gadgets.

So, surprising them with something unique can prove near impossible. That’s where personal gifts come into the mix.

There are endless possibilities of personalized stuff for teens, whether you are buying for a boy or a girl, and no matter what their interests are, you are sure to find a nice, personal gift out there for them. 

Here, we have picked out 7 adorable gifts, all personalized ideas for both teen boys and girls. With a wide selection of gifts from chocolate gifts to gadgets to the best selfie stick, you are sure to find something which suits the occasion and their tastes. 

Why Choose Personalized Teen Gifts?

If you are buying gifts for teens who have everything, personalized items are a great choice. They are sure to stand out from other gifts a teen might receive and are sure to be treasured for many years to come. A lot of teens like to stand out from the crowd, so they are certain to love a special, one-of-a-kind gift that is unique to them. These gifts are also great because you can be quite certain they won’t have the same thing already, therefore avoiding duplicate gifts. This is becoming more and more important as teens tend to have more belongings than ever before. 

These gifts are also great because they can be given on just about any occasion. So, whether you are looking for Christmas gifts for teens, something for a special birthday, a graduation gift idea, or simply want to reward them with a nice treat, a personalized item is sure to be appropriate and well-received. 

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How to Pick Personalized Gifts for Teenagers

Before diving into our picks of the best gift ideas, let’s first think about some of the ways to choose between the different gifts on the market. First, it is crucial to choose something which is age-appropriate, as you don’t want to embarrass a teen with something which is too babyish. But, also remember they are not yet an adult, so check the manufacturer’s guidelines and reviews from fellow purchasers if in doubt. 

Also carefully consider the teen’s interests to ensure the gift appeals to them and doesn’t leave them disappointed. For the quiet type, something like custom puzzles 500 pieces might be a good choice while others are more outside or online people. It can be difficult to know what teens are interested in, so consider asking their friends or relatives for advice if needed. We have picked out a few items below which should appeal to the majority of teens, such as the phone speaker as many teens love listening to music all the time. Edible gifts are also sure to appeal to most teenagers! 

The budget for the gift is an important consideration for many buyers, too. Whilst a lot of teens might expect costly gifts, this simply isn’t realistic or possible for many families. So, it’s important to think about how much you can afford to spend on the gift before shopping, to avoid going over budget and running into difficulties. 

It’s a good idea to think about the usefulness of a gift before giving it to a teen, too. Teens tend to enjoy gifts that are practical, such as things to wear or eat, or tech gifts they can make use of every day. We’ve tried to include a few of these types of items here. 

There’s no stopping teens these days. Help them protect their precious smartphone with a sturdy phone case. Or maybe get them a tumbler, journal, towel, or any personalized gift item they can use in their day-to-day activities. You can always combine function and beauty for teenagers to appreciate your gifts.   

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7 Best Personalized Teenage Presents in 2020

Personalized Neon Name Sign

First on our list of unique gifts for teens is this awesome decoration for their room.

This neon sign is really trendy and is sure to meet the approval of even the fussiest of teens! It comes in a choice of five different lighting colors – pink, green, white, red or blue – each of which is cut from clear acrylic.

The sign can be customized with any name of your choosing, up to a maximum length of 12 characters. There’s also the option to add wall fixings to make it easy to mount in your teen’s bedroom.

To power the neon light, a battery pack is fitted, and there are three different lighting effects to choose from.

First, the light can be continuously on, flashing strobe-like or flashing more slowly, in a blinking manner. 

a light as a git idea

Personalized Bobbleheads As a perfect gift

Are you looking for an out-of-the-box gift for a special someone? Custom gifts are thoughtful but can be expensive. Lucky Bobbleheads is happy to design personalized bobbleheads at affordable prices. Our high-quality custom bobbleheads are made to last. Whether you are looking for an accessory for your work desk or home, let us design a bobblehead for you. Contact us today.!

Wooden Phone Speaker

Next up we have a great pick for tech-loving teenagers. This wooden speaker for a cellphone makes one of the most unusual gifts for teenage girls or boys who love listening to music at any opportunity they can get.

It has a sleek and stylish design which is sure to look great in a teen’s bedroom, and the text is bright and colorful to add a nice finishing touch.

The sound from the speaker is great despite its small size, and it is made from a combination of tulipwood and vinyl materials. The maximum number of characters for personalization is seven, so short names or initials are ideal.

There are nine different colors to choose from for the text – one can be picked for the main color whilst the other is used to create the shadow effect. 

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Personalized Chocolate Cup 

This is one gift that is sure to be well-received by just about any teenager, regardless of age or gender. The chocolate cup is hollow and is filled with a variety of different types of chocolates inside.

In fact, there are more than two pounds of chocolate included overall, so it’s sure to satisfy their cravings for a while! The cup itself can be personalized with any message or name of your choosing, up to a maximum of 25 characters, so you can make this a unique and thoughtful gift.

The chocolate cup comes wrapped in cellophane and packed in a box to ensure it is easy to gift and remains safe and secure in transit. 

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Custom Reversible Sequin Cushion 

Reversible sequins are very trendy at the moment, so this customized cushion is sure to be a hit with teens. It comes in a lovely rose gold color, popular with teen girls, and can be customized with any image of your choosing – be it a photo of her with her friends, a beloved pet, or anything else she loves.

There are other color options also available if rose gold isn’t to your teen’s liking – dark or light blue, red, silver, black, gold, or red. The cushion cover measures 16 x 16 inches, and it doesn’t come with the cushion itself, so it will be necessary to buy one separately.

Teens will get a lovely surprise when they flip back the sequins for the first time and discover the hidden image underneath! This cushion is sure to look great in their room, and they will have many years of enjoyment from it.

If you are struggling to find cool gifts for teens, this is something that is sure to go down a treat. 

personlaised cushion

Personalized Cosmetic Bag

Many teen girls love wearing makeup, so choosing them a nice bag to keep it all neatly stored together is a great idea. That’s why next on our list of the best gifts for teens is this cute makeup storage pouch.

It has an eyelash design and can be customized with any name of your choosing, up to a maximum length of 14 characters. The bag is around 9 x 6 inches, so there is plenty of space for teenage girls to store their beauty essentials when traveling.

The bag is also equipped with a wrist strap for carrying and a zipper to keep everything safely inside. The print is embedded into the fabric, so the design won’t come off or fade over time, and this also keeps the fabric soft and supple.

It can even be machine washed and dried, which is useful if any of the makeup spills inside it. The bag is made from poly-cotton blended with linen, so it’s soft and durable. 

personalised jewellery

Sterling Silver Flower Initial Necklace

Next up we have this lovely necklace, perfect for any teenage girl who loves wearing jewelry. It has a cute sunflower charm, a pearl, as well as a heart bearing any initial of your choosing.

The necklace is made from 925 Sterling silver, so you can be sure it is high-quality and won’t cause allergies or skin irritation, and it won’t become discolored after wearing either.

The pendant comes on a chain that is 18 inches long, which is a great size for most teens. It also has a two-inch extension so it can be adjusted a little as needed. This is a lovely gift because it comes with a gift box so it can easily be wrapped and given on any special occasion. 

There are different cute designs to choose from, as well as the style pictured here.

You can choose to have two letters, a large and a small one, or just one larger initial with a sweet sunflower on the end. So, there are plenty of options to ensure you find something they will love.

This necklace is great quality for the price and your teen is sure to enjoy wearing it for many years to come, even into adulthood. 

Personalized Sweatpant

Our final pick of the best customized gifts for teens is this pair of sweatpants, which can be made with any name of your choosing down the side.

These sweatpants are intended for use by a bridal party, so they are a perfect gift for teens who are going to be a bridesmaid. They come in a choice of three colors – black, light gray or dark gray – and sizes from small to XX-large. 

There are loads of possible colors for the text, including more than 40 different glittery colors and over 60 solid neon and matte shades.

Not only are these sweatpants great for wearing on the morning of the big day when getting ready, but girls are also sure to love wearing them around the house when relaxing too.

The sweatpants have a drawcord elasticated waistband, side pockets, loose legs and a soft jersey lining for maximum comfort. 

Best Personalized Pick!

After checking out seven of the best personalized gift ideas for teens, it is time to pick out the one which stands out as the best overall. Whilst it is impossible to choose one gift which will appeal to all teens, the wooden phone speaker is the best choice in many cases.

First, most teens love playing music, so gifting them an item that will make it sound even better is certainly a great idea. The speaker is small and portable, so it can easily be used anywhere, allowing them to enjoy their music no matter where they are.

Also, it has a really stylish design, sure to appeal to even the fussiest of teens, and it will look great in their bedroom. Being able to customize the speaker with their initials in a choice of their two favorite colors is a nice touch, and is sure to make this a special gift they will love to use for many years to come. 


There are loads of nice, customizable gift options out there that are perfect for giving to teenagers on any special occasion.

These gifts are perfect because they stand out from other generic gifts which are often given to teens, and are sure to be used for a long time.

Teens love to have unique and one-of-a-kind items, which is why any of the gifts above are sure to be greatly appreciated. 

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