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Personalised Apron From The Arty Apple

Arty Apple Kids Apron

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Personalised Apron From The Arty Apple

As you may know Sylvia and I love to cook. Cooking with kids is something I find super fun and so it was great to have an opportunity to review a personalised apron from the Arty Apple, an online store which sells beautiful personalised gifts for little ones.

Arty Apple Kids Apron

I ordered the personalised apron and it arrived promptly by post. The Apron came in a lovely branded box and was wrapped beautifully in blue tissue paper. Sylvia was excited as she did not know what she was getting.

Arty Apple Kids Apron

Opening the box, Sylvia squealed with delight as she saw her name sewn into the Apron. She quickly got the apron out and began to try it on.

Arty Apple Kids Apron

The arty Apple sells Aprons in two sizes for Children. We ordered the larger size which was just perfect for my daughter. I love the blue and pink tones and think they complement each other nicely.

Arty Apple Kids Apron

The cupcake design is really cute and simple. I prefer a simple looking apron to a busy one and this really did look great when Sylvia tried it on.

Arty Apple Kids Apron

I have one happy daughter. She is excited to be able to use her new apron to do some baking with mummy and we have plenty of ideas and plans for the coming weeks and months.

Arty Apple Kids Apron

Do you love to bake with your kids? Do you both wear aprons? We do! It makes the activity more fun and add’s to the experience. It also helps keep Sylvia’s clothes clean as we can really get messy at times in the kitchen.

Thankyou Arty Apple for sending us this lovely Apron to review.

Angela and Sylvia


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  1. She looks beautiful with the apron on. I like the personalized apron, I have one with the name of my food blog, a gift from my husband, it’s my favourite. Happy baking. x

  2. Ok, I am definitely gonna get one of these for my daughter! Although, it’ll stay in packaging for a few years, but I want to get it now! Haha

  3. This is so adorable, I need to get my daughter one now as well lol, love the cartoon feature at the bottom. Sylvia seems to love it as well, that smile 🙂 x

  4. That apron is really cute, I love the cupcake design and the colours really do complement very well. Slyvia looks so adorable wearing it, and you can see that she is very happy to have her own apron for baking.

  5. I love teaching my son how to bake and slowly getting him involved with making dinners. He has an apron that was a gift but I don’t wear one as I always seem to be juggling several jobs. I love Sylvia’s apron x

  6. oh my kids would love one of these we are often in the kitchen baking and cooking and admit aprons would save a lot of clothing needing to be washed

  7. My 12 year old wants to be a chef so we are having baking Saturdays where I teach him 2 sweet and 1 savoury recipe. I need something personalised for him so will see if they do ones for lads

  8. I love cooking with my kids as well. They love helping me cook too. The apron is super adorable! I am planning to buy aprons for my boys, I just need to find one that is boyish.

  9. Ahh that’s so cute, I guess baking with a toddler and ten-year-old is going to be hard work lol eww the mess >shudder<

    Apron is lovely and to see Sylvia smile is always nice

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