Period Panties: What Are They?

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The “free-bleeding” movement is happening. Around the world, thousands of people every day choose to ditch feminine hygiene products in favour of innovative alternatives. 

Period Panties What Are They

We are talking of course about period panties. In spite of being a fairly new invention, period panties are appealing to the taste of a big range of demographics. So what’s the buzz about? Let’s see!

What Are Period Panties Really About?

If you have never seen what period panties look like, on this website you will find several different models.

Designed to be worn as you would wear your everyday panties, period underwear is much more than that. The innovative fabric allows for extra absorbency, meaning these panties are specifically designed to be used during your period.

Period Panties What Are They

These materials feel and look like regular undergarments and are several times more absorbent than regular pads. What’s more, they are washable and reusable.

Now that you know a little bit more about them, you might be curious about the reason behind their increasing popularity. And, let me tell you, you are about to be surprised.

The Advantages of Using Period Panties

No two period product users are the same, and their reason for switching to this modern hygiene product may differ. Notwithstanding, they all usually very happy with the result. 

Period Panties What Are They

I have personally conducted a little research to see why people love them so much, and here’s what I found:

  • Period panties are comfortable. Forget feeling bulky, leaky, or otherwise awkward. Thanks to their outstanding absorbency (equal to 2 times the one of a large tampon), users can forget they are even on their period and just focus on enjoying their day!
  • Period panties are discreet. No one has to know! You could keep your period underwear in the drawer with the rest of your undergarments and you would not be able to tell a difference! Same goes for the feeling of wearing them.
  • Period panties are a good investment. Forget budgeting for ever-expensive feminine hygiene products. Period panties are made of durable materials and can be washed and re-used virtually forever. It is just a small initial investment vs the hundreds of pounds you risk spending every year. They can also be conveniently purchased online, which means regular opportunities for special offers and discounts.
  • Period pants are good to travel with. Forget about packing bulking hygiene items and just bring two to four period panties on your trip. Convenient, ,right?
  • Period panties are good for the environment. This point is one I hold close to my heart. You might be familiar with my article How To Do Self-Care While Also Caring For The Environment, and I feel like period panties belong in that list. I cannot fully enjoy my self care unless I am sure my choices have a reduced negative impact. Because they are reusable, period panties save tonnes of hygene products from getting into the landfill every year.
  • Period panties are cute. Yes, we hardly ever think about hygiene products possibly being cute, but I for one believe people are entitled to feeling sexy every day of the month. Browsing online, I found a few designs I really like. Weekiss is a brand I am really drawn to. I am particularly fond of their classic designs.
  • Period panties are great in an emergency. Ever run out of tampons right about the time when Aunt Flo surprises you? Purchasing a pair of period pants will help you make sure a quick solution is right there – no need to go on a late-night mission to the store. 
  • Period pants are great for young women. Getting your first period is a sensitive event in anyone’s life. Teenagers are often resistant to the idea of wearing a tampon, and pads may feel too uncomfortable and messy. Period underwear offers them all the advantages of great protection with none of the downsides. It also comes in different sizes, which is great for pre-teens.

Period Panties: A Brief How-to Guide 

If you are considering switching to period underwear for the first time, my advice is to take things slow and allow for a smooth transaction. Many users prefer to first try them out on their lighter days and then use them for the heavier ones once they feel more comfortable. 

Period Panties What Are They

Alternatively, period pants can also be seen as a backup or an additional layer of protection while using tampons or menstrual cups. 

As a first-time user, it is possibly best to buy one or two pairs and then purchase more as you become more confident and will get a sense of how many pairs you are likely to need over a given period. If you are buying them for someone else (like for example your teenager), the same rules apply. Let them have a go at it first and then decide for themselves how many more of those they need. 

Period Pants: Last Considerations

In the end, your journey toward period panties is an incredibly personal one, and you should take your time with it. But given the incredible advantages this product offer, I am confident you will end up wondering why you didn’t make the switch before!

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