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Peach and Blueberry Crumbles and the Margarine Song

Peach and Blueberry Crumbles and the Margarine Song

margarine song

Family Home Evening

Ever since I was a young girl, Monday night has aways been “Family Night”. It doesn’t matter what you do, everyone knows that on Monday’s we have Family Home Evening. Some of my most precious memories as a child are in fact from family night. It’s a tradition and principle that binds the family together and promotes love and unity in our home.

This Monday for our activity we decided to make Peach and Blueberry Crumbles. My daughter Sylvia had such fun. She loves baking and even has her own little apron sent all the way from New Zealand. Thanks Mum! I rested in bed all save and reserved my energy so I could take part in the activity and luckily everything went to plan.


Making the Crumble

You need fruit


We found 6 glass pots (which are recycled. They once had GU cheesecakes in them). We filled the pots with peaches and blueberries. We like to keep to a budget, so we used frozen berries which my hubby found a month ago in the “mark down isle” at Asda. We also used a can of peaches which cost 25p.


We then measured out the ingredients for the crumble.

120g Plain Flour

60g Caster Sugar

60g Margarine

30g porridge oats

A sprinkle of Cinamon


To make the crumble topping we creamed the sugar and margarine, added the flour and porridge oats and mixed them together. We then placed the crumble in the pots and sprinkled Cinamon on the top before baking in the oven at gas mark 5.




As a previous Teacher I had a Motto, “It is the process that counts not the end product” and so the purpose of the crumbles was not to create something amazing but to have fun baking as a family.

So as we were measuring and weighing (Which is a brilliant way to teach Maths to kids by the way!) Sylvia decided to start singing. She made a song about Margarine. Now some people may think we are crazy but that’s the way we roll in my family, we love to make up songs about all sorts of things.

My daughter is half Tongan and her paternal grandfather Sione Kalu Kainga may he rest in peace was quite a well known singer in Tonga. He sang in groups on Tongan Television and is a descendent of “Laka Laka” composers. I can honestly say, my daughter has an innate enjoyment for making up songs and yes it does come from her Tongan Ancestors.

The Margarine Song

So I decided to make an impromptu video recording of Sylvia and she created her little Margarine song. It made me giggle and was just for fun but I shared it on Instagram and Twitter.

This was seen by the wonderful @WeLoveBlogs who retweeted and a few days later, Sylvia received her first Award for “SONG OF THE WEEK” which is of course as you know called “The Margarine Song”.


It’s all a bit of fun but, she will be pleased and we will be printing off her award to go in her “Achievements Folder”.

So without further ado, we present to you The Margarine Song. Hope you like it.

The Finished Product

The crumbles turned out perfect. All pot tasters enjoyed the taste. They went down very well and to ‘give back” and serve others we hopped into the car and dropped two crumbles off to the home of a single lady who is currently unwell. She too loved the crumbles and enjoyed watching the margarine song.

Peach and blueberry crumbles

All in all we had a fab Family home Evening and a tasty Dessert which in my opinion is always the best part!




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    1. Thanks Karen. We just made it up with the materials we had and it helps us with portion control..which is good when I am trying to lose weight!
      Angela xx

  1. I love the idea of family night! It must make your Mondays so special. We tend to do crafts on Sundays and watch a film all together in the afternoon, but it’s not a set thing I think we could call Sundays ‘Family Fun Sundays’. I love that! Peaches and blueberries… yum! Great colours for your photos, too!

    1. Thanks Mel! They did turn out a lot better than I expected and this was an experiment, something we had not done before so I was really pleased!
      My daughter generally watches a movie once a week so we call Sunday afternoons, popcorn Sunday lol! Angela xx

  2. Awww…!!! For some many reasons. I love her little margarine song. S loves to sing as well and make up his own songs, it’s adorable! Those crumbles looks yummy, I absolutely love apple crumble with cream. And I also love the idea of “Family evenings”. Growing up Sunday was always family day for us, come what may. I love the tradition. Thanks for linking up to #happyquacks Your post put the biggest smile on my face 🙂 xx

  3. I love how kids make up songs that go on for absolutely ages! SO funny! those look delicious- aren’t those Gu pots handy!!! Thanks for sharing in #KidsCorner x

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