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Pass Your Microsoft MCSA 70-742 Exam in 6 Steps!

Much effort is needed to take the Microsoft MCSA 70-742 exam just as much as it is needed when preparing for it. This article highlights some of the most useful test taking tips that will help you avoid making any mistakes.

Many candidates often fail to get even the passing score in their Microsoft MCSA 70-742 simply because they make some small mistakes just before and during the exam. Knowing some test taking tips can help you avoid making some of the most common mistakes.Of course, preparation is very important for any Microsoft certification test, including Microsoft MCSA 70-742. However, you also should be cautious when taking your exam. Otherwise, there is a risk to fail. In order to pass your test with flying colors, you should concentrate on the most significant aspects. You can use the best of the preparation materials. With their help, you can prepare very well for your Microsoft MCSA 70-742 but still fail if you are not careful.

What is Microsoft MCSA 70-742 exam?

Before getting down to the Microsoft MCSA 70-742 exam Get Coupon Discount and taking tips, it is important that we tell you what this certification test is. Also referred to as Identity with Windows Server 2016, this exam is intended for those IT professionals who want to demonstrate advanced skills in using the functionality in Windows Server 2016 to manage indemnities.If you are an IT specialist and you would like to advance your status, this test is definitely for you.

The MCSA 70-742 exam is designed to confirm the candidate’s ability to install, configure, maintain, and manage Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), and to implement GPOs, or Group Policy Projects, effectively. For you to take this certification test and have a chance of getting a high score, you should have the knowledge of Active Directory Federations Services (AD FS), Web Application proxy, and Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS).

Exam taking tips

ExamSnap draws your attention to the following preparation tips. Check them out and follow!


  • Arrive early at the test center


If you are going to take your Microsoft Prepaway MCSA 70-742 exam at a Pearson VUE test center, you should arrive several minutes before the commencement of the test. This will allow you to have ample time to familiarize yourself with the place. You need to be relaxed and at peace with your mind to increase your chances of passing this exam. Arriving early at the test center is a great way of achieving this. If you come later, you are definitely going to be panicking and sweating. This will only put pressure on your brain and you might end up forgetting most of the concepts you have learnt during the time you were preparing for the MCSA 70-742 certification test.


  • Read through all exam questions


When the exam starts, you should read through all the questions before answering them. This will help you assess the difficulty level. Besides, reading through all the questions will also help you know how many questions are in the test so that you can know how to manage your time. As you read, take notes of the questions you would like to start with.


  • Start with the easiest questions


No matter how well you prepare for any Microsoft certification exam, you will always encounter some few challenging questions, which can take a lot of your time. To ensure that you are not wasting time, you should first start with the easiest questions and then proceed to the difficult ones. Spend the shortest possible amount of time on simple questions to have enough time for the more difficult ones. If you concentrate on the such questions, you can be left with little or no time to tackle even the simplest of them. This will reduce your chances of passing the Microsoft MCSA 70-742 exam.


  • Review all answers


When you have answered all the questions, you should not submit the test before doing a review. Go through each question and answer to ensure that you have provided the right answers. Reviewing will also help you identify any minor mistakes that you might have made while answering the questions. Another reason why the applicants are always advised to review the answers at the end of the exam is to identify if there is any question that has been left unanswered unknowingly.


  • Have a good night sleep


Good night sleep and quality rest is very important prior to any Microsoft certification exam. Don’t spend the whole night studying and head straight to the test center in the morning. Instead, have quality rest and plenty of sleep a day and night before the exam. Otherwise, you will feel exhausted and sleepy and you can end up not getting even the passing score. Besides, you can also fall asleep while taking your test and only wake up when the time is up. We don’t think this is what you want after spending much of your time and effort for your preparation. Having enough sleep is the best way to relax your brain and body and to be better placed to answer the questions with utmost alertness.


  • Be confident and relax


Self-confidence can go a long way in ensuring that you remain relaxed throughout the exam time and approach each question soberly. The last thing you want to do is to allow yourself to panic and have a feeling that you are not adequately prepared to face the Microsoft test.


The way you approach and take your Microsoft MCSA 70-742 exam can determine whether you pass or fail. Be sure to be at your best when it is time to take this certification test, and you will have a good chance to passit with flying colors.