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Parenting Bucket List

Before I became a Mother, I had my own bucket list. In fact, I made my first bucket list when I was 13 and completed it before I was 30. Now that I am a mum, I started a bucket list with a twist. It is a list of experiences and opportunities to give my child before she is an adult. Or, in other words, it’s my hopes and dreams list for Sylvia! And today, I am sharing my bucket list for kids that I’ve been cultivating on for a long time.

Here is my 20 Parenting Bucket List that you may grab ideas from and create your own! 



Bucket List for Kids

  1. Give Sylvia Ballet Lessons – Did this until she no longer wanted to do it.
  2. Take my daughter to Disneyland – Yep I have done this twice.
  3. Take Sylvia to Europe – Well we moved to Europe, “the UK” back in 2010 and I took Sylvia to France, Belgium and Amsterdam. We have been to France 3 times.
  4. Get my daughter a keyboard – this is still something I need to do
  5. Share my favourite Disney movies with my daughter – When she was old enough we did this.
  6. Find a good Father for my daughter – We did this. I found John, he is an awesome step father. 
  7. Get a pet Dog for my child – We got Yoda three years ago and Casper came along in 2016.
  8. Take Sylvia to Disney On Ice – I did this is 2013. It was fantastic. She loved it.
  9. Help my child to do well in school – this is a work in progress and I want to help her so she can get her GCSE’s in 6 years time.
  10. Do fun photo shoots with Sylvia – I always wanted to do photo shoots with Sylvia since she was small which I could scrap book and we naturally fell into this through blogging.
  11. Take Sylvia to America on holiday. One day I would love to take Sylvia to the USA for a holiday.
  12. Take Sylvia on holiday to New Zealand to meet her cousins. That is a goal I have for the long term future.
  13. Help my child to learn a second language. This is a skill I think would be useful to her and Sylvia has shown an interest in French and Spanish.
  14. Give my daughter Swimming Lessons. It took a long time to get the ball rolling but Sylvia started swimming lessons at age 8. She is doing well.
  15. Help my child to grow up emotionally strong. Again this is something which takes time and will improve over the months and years.
  16. Save money for my child for when she is 18. I am doing this.
  17. Collect coins which I can sell in the future for my child’s Wedding Dress. Well I have been collecting coins for 7 years and have all the London olympics ones as well as many other coins. They are an investment I will sell when the time comes.
  18. Teach my daughter good values. This is something I am working on and she is very kind, great at sharing and her school teacher said she is well known for her kindness.
  19. Teach my child to eat healthy food. This is a goal I have and something I am working on and could do a little better but I am trying to do this.
  20. Teach Sylvia about famous and inspirational Women from the past. I want to do a project where I teach my daughter about people like Helen Keller, Anne Frank and Florence Nightingale and other inspirational women who’s good qualities we can learn from.

Childhood Memories List in the Making

So this is my childhood memories list for my kid…. while I have checked off some, others are a work in progress.  Being in a better financial position will help me achieve these family bucket list ideas. Plus, it will grant my daughter more childhood experiences, teach her moral values, and give her opportunities.

I know I’m doing a great job. Do you have a growing bucket list for kids? 

Angela x