Parenthood Tips and Tricks to Ease Your Stress

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Parenting can be pretty stressful. Kids can be unpredictable, and when you’re juggling children with a job and trying to stay on top of the work that needs doing at home, it can be easy to develop a lot of stress. 

Thankfully, we live in a time where there are lots of resources available for parents. Websites like Start Here Parents are great for helping you to get advice on how to parent with as little stress as possible, for instance. If you are looking for some tips and tricks to help you to feel less stressed while parenting though, we also have a little bit of advice to offer! Read on for our parenthood tips and tricks to ease your stress.

Get Into a Routine

When you’re stressed out, it can be pretty tempting to just allow your child to do whatever they want to do. It’s easier than constantly monitoring their movements, after all. Of course, this isn’t necessarily the best thing to do.

Giving your child a routine is helpful not just for you, but also for them. Set aside certain times of the day where they will do certain things.

Integrate chores into that routine like washing the dishes so that your children have a sense of responsibility – you can introduce rewards if they follow the routines too.

Make your children aware of what they need to do and when every day, as this will help to keep some structure in your home, saving you a lot of stress.

School Clubs

Unfortunately, we don’t all have unlimited amounts of time on our hands. If we did, could you imagine all of the things that we could do?

Since that is not the case however, it’s worth finding ways to give you a little bit of extra time away from the children to get other things done around the house or at work.

Clubs at school are very useful for this, since they can keep your child occupied and give them plenty of fun with their friends. Your child may even find a new hobby in the process.

Practice Some Self Care

If you can reduce your stress then you are likely to be a much better parent, too. For that reason, it’s important that you take some time each day to do something for you. Do things that relax you and make sure that you are getting plenty of sleep.

It will help you to tackle any issues that may come up much more effectively, since you will feel more relaxed and clear headed with self care and rest.

It may be worth speaking to another caregiver to see if they can look after your child for a while as you get in a bit of you-time. Extend the same courtesy to the other caregiver, too. 


There’s nothing worse than going out for the day with your children and they have a sudden unexpected meltdown. You may be surprised to learn though that you can reduce the chances of this happening.

Speak to your child before going anywhere and make them aware of the behavior expectations. They need to be aware of what happens if they do misbehave, and what happens if they are good. Make sure that you fully talk to them about what is expected and you can reduce the chances of huge tantrums in public. 

Prepare Meals in Advance

Mealtimes can be a nightmare sometimes when you have young children. Children can go through phases of not eating certain things, and then you’re running around like crazy trying to get the perfect meal together.

Mealtimes can be a little bit less stressful if you prepare in advance, though. This is where meal prep comes in! Make  sure that you have all of the ingredients that you need pre-prepped before you get to work on the cooking.

This will save you a lot of time, and it will mean that you won’t need to worry so much about coming up with ideas at meal times. Have a few different potential meals made up in advance.

That extra level of organization can go a long way in helping you to feel much calmer on a day to day basis, and it will give you a bit more time for that me-time we previously mentioned.


If you’re feeling stressed, you’re not alone. Parenting is rewarding, but it can also be really stressful! These tips can help you to feel a little less stressed. You’ve got this! 

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