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Paper Plate Crafts, Smurfs And Dog Collars


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Paper Plate Crafts, Smurfs And Dog Collars

Those of you who engage with me on social media or follow the blog will be aware of the fact I’m going through a real rough patch, especially with my health. I’m often unwell but recently things went downhill as I prepared for my GASTRIC BYPASS which ended up being cancelled twice!

Well I was given a new date and have been back on this Liver Shrinking Diet for 10 days now. My Operation is due on the 24th and I’m hoping third time lucky.

If they cancel again I don’t know how I’ll cope, emotionally and mentally. The last cancellation tipped me over the edge after 4 weeks on 600 calories a day I was physically weak and exhausted and I’m still recovering from everything.

I’ve tried to rest and regroup and get through this but I have had two episodes in Hospital due to stress and infections using up my Cortisol too fast and I’ve just been very ill, burnt out physically, emotionally and mentally.

I’m even struggling to feel happy at the moment, however I’m trying to be happy and thought I’d share my little loves, or things which have made me feel happy to help cheer me up.

Little Loves Smurfs Painting Dog Collars and Stationary


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We got this lovely Smurf as a Amazon Review. It’s not something I’ve been asked to Blog about but it has created a lot of happiness at the minute and for my daughter and seeing Sylvia happy makes me happy.


Painting in Bed


Being stuck in bed sick my daughter and I decided to do some painting in bed. We were very careful not to spill and used a tray and one bottle of paint at a time.


We painted paper plates and made some Animals. I was going to decorate them myself and create some brilliant HOW TO post which could have lots of pinterest pins but, Sylvia really wanted to do it herself and I decided to just let her and go with the flow and again, when my child is happy I am happy.


Painting is also very therapeutic and as we had no paintbrushes we used cotton buds!

My Valentines Gift 

John my sweetheart bought me the most cool notebook for Valentines which I will be using to help me keep on top of my thoughts. I’ve been looking into Bullet journalling and am thinking of having a go at that and I really love my new book. It made me really happy.

Our Special Dog Collars

We got a lovely gift in the mail from Scruffs, a lovely Dog collar for Yoda and Casper and they looked fabulous.

Dog Collars

I chose one cream and one red coloured bow tie collar. They really are fantastic and I was excited to pop them on our dogs.

Dog Collars

>We tried to get a photo of both dogs together but it was really difficult and so we ended up combining two pictures to make one.

Bichon Dogs

Last but not least we Sylvia and John went to Manchester to see Kids Comedy Club at the Lowery and they had a hilarious time. It was really great and a good night out and John only had to pay petrol as the tickets were in return for a written review elsewhere is cyber space.

So here are our Little Loves. I’ve not been out myself except Hospital and Doctors and hopefully if my Operation goes ahead on Wednesday I will be up and about in a few months time! I hope so!

Angela x


  1. I’m sorry you’re having a tough time of it at the moment and I hope things start to pick up soon.
    Those doggy bow ties are epic – I might have to treat Thomas to one!

  2. Those dog collars are really cute. Love the design of them.

    We love painting and really like what you created with Sylvia 🙂

    Laura x

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