Oyster Brightening Eye Serum

oyster eye serum

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Whilst being on holiday at Disneyland John and I have been testing out Oyster Brightening Eye Serum to see how affective it is at reducing the puffiness around our eyes.

Oyster Brightening Eye Serum is a serum used to hep with puffy and weary eyes and is also made to brighten the skin around the eye area. The serum includes ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, Co-Enzyme Q10, Pentapeptides and Green Tea.

oyster eye serum

This eye enhancing serum also contains a number of vitamins as well as mood enhancing essential oils. I was keen to give it a try and so John and I used it for a week during our time away.

The serum is housed in a small tube and you have to pump the top to get a small amount of eye serum. The cream was quite thick  and smelt really nice. When used sparingly over my eye are it created a clean fresh feeling and I did feel a little more fresh faced.

oyster eye serum

The serum certainly made my eyes feel less puffy and I noticed a slight improvement in my husband’s eyes as well. We both enjoyed using this product and it seems to do what it claims on the box.

The serum gave us both a cool feeling around the eyes and the skin area really felt more hydrated and fresh. John was really pleased to try this out and thinks it’s something he would no mind using in the future. Whilst I don’t always use products around my eyes, I think this does work and it did make a difference, enough to convince me that it really is a good little product.

oyster eye serum

I’d recommend this for those wanting a fresh, hydrated and less puffy eye area.

Angela x

*We were sent this product for the purpose of review


  1. I think it’s neat you tried it with your husband. If nothing else you may have been able to see improvements on each other versus yourself. I have never tried an eye serum maybe I’ll look into it.

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