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Relaxing In The Garden And Dreaming Up Ideas

5 months ago we moved house. At the time the weather was dreadful. We had a lot of wind and rain, the nights were dark and winter was well and truly beating down upon us. Moving house in the winter was a first for me and it was tough. We had a nice garden area in our home but we didn’t dare touch it.

Now the sun is out and spring is here we have started to spend more time in the garden. We have a decent size garden and Sylvia has been enjoying her swing and playing outdoors in the sunshine.

We have an assortment of mismatched fences in the garden and our lovely dogs Yoda and Casper keep escaping to our neighbours areas.

So one thing I would love to do in the future when we can afford it is to replace the dodgy fences which were badly damaged during a storm.

I have not really had any experiences with fences and to be honest I would not know where to begin. As a child I used to dream up my own home and plan the interiors.

I would get an Argos catalogue and cut out all the things I liked to design a collage of my home. This week I have been doing the same thing but with fences and landscaping ideas.

I have lot’s of fabulous ideas on how to make our back garden into the dream garden and have been browsing Pinterest and other sites for Inspiration.

I saw two types of fences that I really like the look of. One is on the Travis Perkins website. The style I found on this site which I love is called the Finedon Fence Panel and it has a fan like trellis which I think is pretty gorgeous.
Finedon Screen Panel Fence

The second fence style I found was on Pinterest which I love and this is the horizontal slat fence on a stone wall. I think this is really lovely but it would probably be out of our price range at the moment.

However a girl can dream and just as I did when I was a child, I had fun looking at the different options for the future.

I’ve also been looking at some fantastic outdoor furniture and dreaming away. I found some fantastic ideas for the dream outdoor seating area and thought I’d share these on the blog as well.

Now this Lifestyle Pear Daybed from Mode Living is the dream for me. My old blog before changing to The Inspiration Edit was called Days In Bed which was named so due to my chronic illness and the fact I stay at home a lot. When I saw this piece of outdoor furniture I fell in love.


Lifestyle Pear Daybed

A second outdoors day bed which I love is the Lifestyle Milan Daybed. This would be a great place to lounge whilst working on blog posts and I love that there is a table in the middle. This would be great for Sylvia and I and help me get the much needed vitamin D I have been lacking.

Lifestyle Milan Daybed

There are other ideas I have for the dream garden. We are fortunate to already have a gorgeous swing which Sylvia loves and at some point I’d like to get a patio, create a path and add a garden shed. All these things would create the dream garden for our family and for me as a blogger.

What would you do to improve your garden?

Angela x