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Out with the old in with the new on The Inspiration Edit

Becoming a blogger is one of the best thing I’ve ever done. I love it and I really mean that. I love writing about my life, my experiences and challenges. I’m enjoying creating and building my own little space on the world wide web. It’s fantastic and I look forward to the day that my blogging and freelance writing can provide a full time income.

Since winning the MumpreneurUK Award, I’ve been thinking about the future direction of days in bed. It’s been a real battle at times figuring out my name and where I want to take the blog. My primary focus in life is being a mother and wife and providing my daughter with an emotionally stable upbringing and opportunity to learn, grow and develop.

I’ll always use Daysinbed as a platform to raise awareness for my illness Adrenal Insufficiency and almost everything I write about will be to some extent written through the lens of a Chronically ill mother.

I’ve read over and over on so many blogs how having an editorial calendar, (a planned blogging schedule) can help make blogging more efficient. I’ve struggled to use a schedule this year. I know it’s been down to being unwell and not being consistently well enough to stay focussed. I’ve simply taken each day as it comes and written what I can when I can.

However 2016 is going to be different. I have a plan, a plan I am looking forward to and excited to begin.

Out with the old

The first Monday of the month will be my new feature #ETRR. ETRR being short for Escape The Rat Race. I’m going to write a monthly account of my blogging plans and goals and what I hope to achieve each month.

The second Monday of the month will be Bichon Frise Life a continuation of my posts about Yoda the family dog, with the added addition of Casper our new recruit!

The Third Monday of the month will be my #KLTR Linky and Giveaway which I co-host with Laura Summers from Laura’s Lovely Blog. KLTR standing for Kids Love to Read and the giveaway being a children’s book.

The fourth Monday of each month will be My Top Picks, a post sharing my favourite blog posts of the month written by other bloggers in the parenting and lifestyle community.

A new feature which I plan to write every second Friday is going to be a new Family Lifestyle post called Days Like These. Here I will share something that my child Sylvia or I have,







Once a month I plan to start a new feature. I don’t have a name for it yet but it will be a monthly post raising awareness and discussing issues related to Abuse and domestic violence.

Sunday will be my new weekly feature My Sunday Style which is going to be a Fashion post on clothing items worn by myself or my child.

Tuesday will be a weekly weight loss post as losing weight is going to be a huge focus for me in 2016

Thursday and Saturday will be a day off when needed or for anything I fancy discussing from Adrenal/health issues to thoughts on blogging, how to posts and sharing my parenting experiences or reviews.

I’m really pleased to have a plan in place. I hope this will help me to stay focussed and I look forward to 2016.

For the next five weeks, I will be writing some fantastic reviews and sharing more family experiences and thoughts. I’ll have a few Christmas themed blog posts and then I’ll  be taking time off at Christmas to spend time with the family blog post free. (If I can keep off the net that long- I may pop onto social media).

I’m really looking forward to 2016. I am really excited and ready to give my blog a fresh boost!