Our Week in a Nutshell

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Our Week in a Nutshell

Welcome to my weekly round-up of the things we have been doing as a family.

This week Sylvia wrote a poem with my dad Gordon. I love it. I can tell my dad helped as she wouldn’t have known who George Best is. I loved the poem and wanted to share it here on the blog. A proud Mummy moment, my daughter is developing her talents as a writer and poet.


My Dad gave us some tomato plants he has been growing from seed and John and Sylvia planted them in grow bags. We actually got the grow bags at the end of last summer and stored them in the shed. They were 50p. I’m hoping they have all the nutrients and goodness for our tomatoes to grow. The weather is not perfect so we will do our best to look after them.

planting tomatoes

I have been experimenting with food. I wrote a blog post earlier this week about how I’m excited and going to try and write one food-related/fun food blog post a week. I have 25 illustrations designed so one day I can put my posts and images all together to create a book.

Kitchen Fun

So I created a noodle and Vegetable face for Sylvia. I have to admit I wasn’t very well and I although I hoped I’d make it, I ended up collapsing on the floor and calling my hubby to take me upstairs. Sylvia took the photo below and she did a good job!

noodle man

We reviewed a new BBQ this week and the post will be out shortly. It was due to come out on Thursday but I came down with a Flu type virus and have been in bed for three days.

Sylvia got some toys to review which will also be coming out next week on the blog once I’ve recovered and am well enough to write them. She loved the Pony’s from Hasbro and got a bumblebee game as well.

My Little Pony

I’ve had a few days off from the blogging. I still had blogs going out but I’ve been resting in bed and not doing much more than checking Facebook and Twitter now and again. I’m hoping to get over this virus and be better next week. Due to my health I have asked to postpone Sylvia’s sponsored jump which was going to be tomorrow. I really didn’t want to change the date however I’m unwell and am planning to go and watch her. After all, she is jumping for me!

If you would like to donate and sponsor Sylvia then please do, we now have a few more weeks and I’ll keep you all updated on when the new date is. So that’s our week. I’m almost over this extra illness and next week on Thursday I will be heading back to London to see the Endocrinologist. There will be more on that soon!

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  1. A very productive week it seems. Good luck with the tomatoes! I absolutely love your illustrations they are incredible I hope you do write a book!

  2. It looks like you have had a busy week. I hope you are getting plenty of rest.
    Good luck with the tomato plants.
    That BBQ looks great. I can’t wait to read more about it x

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