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Now that November is almost over and we are entering the official countdown to Christmas, it is time that we really try to get organised for the festive season and take some time to really nail down everything we need to do before the big day.

Today we are going to have a chat about some of the simple ways you can prepare for the festive season in the next few weeks, to take the pressure off you.

Make a list… and check it twice

A list will be your best friend in the next few weeks and it will be something you refer you almost every day as you try to make sure you have everything sorted.

On your list might be cards, gift ideas, when to send gifts, food, drink and other things if you are hosting at your house this year. Make sure you have a list that covers everything because then you will be able to simply tick things off as you complete them.

christmas presents at the festive season

Send parcels to far away family

If you have either family or friends who live far away from you, you will want to start making preparations to send them their gifts in advance of the main event. Though if come Christmas morning you find that you have forgotten someone, Merry Christmas ecards are always available and will get to them as quickly as you can press send.

You may want to start thinking about the shipment of your goods and this will ensure that you get everything to your recipients at the right time as you wanted.

I’ve got my gifts ready to send to my sister and her kids in New Zealand will be sending them this week to ensure they arrive in plenty of time. 

christmas presents for the festive season

Wrap it all up

Wrapping Christmas gifts is something which you either love or you hate, and a lot of the time it will be a task you put off until the last minute because you know it will take a long time to do.

But let’s think about making your gift wrapping into a mid-December ritual: you can clear your schedule for an afternoon or a weekend and spend a few hours watching your favourite festive flick, wearing your festive pjs in peace at home.

Making wrapping gifts into a fun activity can help you stay on track and ensure that everything is ready come Christmas day.

We went shopping last week and Sylvia kept sneaking in wrapping paper into my trolley. I’m not sure if she simply wanted to choose the paper or if she was giving me a hint to buy her lots of gifts. Either way wrapping gifts for others at Christmas is something I love to do. 


Make a date

One of the hardest things when you reach adulthood is deciding when you will see everyone in the family and also who will be hosting the festivities. If you are in a couple this can be even harder because you have to choose which side of the family to spend Christmas day with.

Make sure you sit down and make these plans BEFORE December so that you all know what the plan is. Think about also dividing up the time evenly so that it is fair to everyone.

My extended family will be overseas this year so for us we are staying home, just me Sylvia, John and the dogs. I am looking forward to a quiet Christmas, with just the five of us. 

yoda's santa dog costume festive season

Get decorating

Decorating the house is always something which is under debate with different people. Some people start in November, some do it on exactly 1st December, and some wait until the week before Christmas.

The best advice we can give is to get the decorations out of the loft early, and then simply choose a time which suits you the best. We have just started our decoration and put the Christmas tree up last night.

That way it will be up even when or if I become unwell and my daughter won’t miss out. You can even do a little bit every night to make it less daunting.

christmas tree t the festive season