Crafting Organic Minimalist Interiors: Where Minimalism Meets Mother Earth

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Minimalist Interiors: Where Minimalism Meets Mother Earth

There are so many advantages to choosing a minimalist design inspiration. Not only does it provide a simpler, clean concept for your home, but minimalism as a design school is also closely aligned with natural or organic interior design, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate natural elements into your interior spaces.

If ‘less is more’ is your mantra and you have a deep passion for natural design, let’s discuss how you can curate organic minimalist interiors that make an impact. 

Remember, interior design is about balance and thoughtful curation, so let’s understand the fundamentals before we start styling.

Light Is Key for Minimalist Interiors

Light is a core element to both the minimalist and natural aesthetics, and it’s clear to see why. Light can shape a room and highlight all the features you have purposefully chosen, alongside creating space and inspiring an organic flow of energy throughout your interiors or even from room to room.

Curtains are a great way to control and diffuse your natural light sources, and quality sheer curtains can be a stunning feature for your home that is aligned with minimalist design principles.

Choose a beige tone and have these sheer curtains dress your windows as they move with the wind. Organic cotton or linen will be the best weight and feel for your eco styling. 

Take note of how light falls in your home at certain parts of the day. Do your entertaining spaces get the morning or afternoon sun, or is there no light coming through during the day?

Knowing these patterns will allow you to populate your home with your minimalist stylings so that your selected decor and design elements are able to optimally contribute to the atmosphere that you hope to cultivate.

minimalist interiors

Recycled Decor

All of our home decor pieces tell a story, and a recycled or repurposed item will naturally have more than one story.

You can find quality recycled decor on Etsy, at local markets, and at environmental retailers.

The exciting thing about incorporating recycled goods is that you can find the colour, look and feel you are after for your decor at just a fraction of the price and without having to contribute to mass production schemes pioneered by low-budget and equally low-quality “fast” home decor stores. 

If you want to have a more active role in designing your home aesthetic, you might like to try your hand at creating your own home decor and furniture.

You can find some great pieces at vintage boutiques or op shops, and you can breathe new life into them by restoring them or upcycling them so they meet your current decor needs.

Upcycling is a great way to combat over-consumerism and slow down the fast fashion that we are seeing across the board, from fashion to furniture.

Neutral Tones With Minimalist Interiors

Neutral, earthy tones are so easy to work with, and they tie in seamlessly with any home’s look and feel. These tones will also work perfectly with a minimalist environment, especially if you stick to a smaller number of colours throughout your home.

Beige, cream, and brown can be a stylish colour palette, and you can use your colours cleverly throughout your home to convey different moods. 

For instance, your bathroom and bedroom may feature prominent cream colours with beige accents, whereas your entertaining spaces and your more focused and functional kitchen space could be moodier, with prominent browns and white accents.

Once again, when you are sourcing fabric, stone, and all those other textures and materials that you use to design your space, it’s best that you make sure they are all ethically sourced and thus, truly organic in order to complement the design principles behind your minimalist home. 

Bringing Outside In

If you really want to tie natural or organic elements into your minimalist home styling, why not let the natural world actually do the heavy lifting for you?

Opening your home up with bifold doors, floor to ceiling windows and even skylights is a great way to boost your home’s external light availability and bring the outdoors indoors!

This is especially important if you have curated a gorgeous garden and outdoors that you want your guests and your home’s fellow occupants alike to view as an organic extension of your home’s interior spaces. 

If this is not possible for your home as you may live in a more densely populated region and thus have a smaller backyard space, you can still populate your home with indoor plants so that you can still enjoy bursts of green throughout your interiors, just to really echo your home’s nature-inspired elements.

Once again, it will be important to know how light interacts with your home so that you are getting the best houseplants and placing them in the most optimal positions.

Bathrooms are a great place for incorporating plants with ease, as it is a moist environment and usually light-filled.

Be sure to start with a few low-maintenance houseplants to get a sense of their own maintenance requirements before you scatter a more diverse array of plants throughout your home.

Minimalism is on the rise for keen home designers, and with the often overwhelming mass of noise and crowds that awaits us in the outside world, it is certainly clear to see why.

When designed mindfully, your minimalist home can become a veritable safe haven that can be enjoyed not just by yourself and your family, but also all the loved ones that you invite into your home space. 

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