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How Online Study Can Benefit Mums

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How Online Study Can Benefit Mums

More women than ever are choosing to return to school once they have had children. Often when we are older and have had our own children we look upon our life with a different perspective. We enjoy learning with a renewed energy and seek to make a brighter future for ourselves, setting a positive example for our children.

online learning

Online study offers women greater opportunities to further their education and has some amazing benefits. Here’s a look at some.

Emotional Benefits

Being a mum can be rather daunting. Your kids take over all aspects of your life. You get little to no time for yourself. Then when you do, you feel guilty about it. Studying an online degree, such as an online master of information program from Rutgers Online, is a fantastic way to do something for yourself. This is a great way to make yourself feel better and carve back some independence.

Future Prospects

A degree can lead to some wonderful opportunities in the future. You may decide not to work straight away after you graduate, instead of waiting until your children are in school. But, your degree will still be as useful, as there is no expiry date.

Flexible Learning

Studying online instead of being taught in school offers moms a unique chance to learn around family commitments. You can study when you want and at a pace that suits you. You might want to set aside a few days when the kids are with family or in childcare. Or, you could study at night when they have gone to bed. It’s up to you. You can also largely choose how long your program of study lasts. You may want to graduate in two years or study slowly over six years. Again, it’s up to you. Study in a way that fits around your family. Don’t make your family fit around your studies.

Financial Gain

Graduates, especially those with higher degrees such as a master’s degree, often earn more than those without degrees, even in the same industry. Your knowledge is worth money. So, while college is often very expensive, if you do well, it can be more than worth it.

Improved Self-confidence

Studying online can boost your self-confidence enormously. You’ll feel like you are achieving and working towards something. Many new moms struggle with confidence and self-esteem. So, having a productive way to do something about it is fantastic.


Obviously, studying will increase your knowledge. But, if you left school a while ago, it does more than that. It gets you back involved with learning. It makes education a part of your life again and gets your brain cells working. Seeing you study will help engage your children with their own learning. You’ll also be much more equipped to help with their homework.

If you are interested in studying an online degree, perhaps a master of information, there is no denying that it will be tough. But, with plenty of organisation and support, there is no reason you can’t be successful and reap the benefits.

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