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Online Golf, Jigsaws, Movies And The Pond

online golf

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Online Golf, Jigsaws, Movies And The Pond

Well this past weekend was certainly an interesting one for Sylvia. I was unwell with my Adrenal Insufficiency but Sylvy went on an adventure to Manchester with John to play golf at The Place Aparthotel. The event was hosted by OnlineGolf.

Online Golf

Going to play Golf was a fantastic way to start of the Easter holidays and Sylvia played a number of games including taking part in the 6 Hole indoor golf course. Sylvia had real fun and came home excited with a balloon, cake and a goodie bag.

online golf

I’m glad that although I can’t always attend events my daughter still has the opportunity and i’m please John took photos so I could see what my daughter got up to.

online golf

Moana Movie

Our Moana movie which we pre-ordered arrived on Saturday and so it was movie night. We had popcorn and fun. I watched Moana for the first time and Sylvia for her second time. She has watched it 4 times now. We also received some goodies in the mail for our Moana Party which we will be hosting at Easter. We cannot wait!  I will be writing about the products we were sent and hosting a giveaway, so watch out for that!

Disney Moana party

Jigsaw Puzzles

We have been making Jigsaw puzzles and completed two over the weekend. One was the Beauty And The Beast Glitter Puzzle and one was a My First Pet Puzzle. Sylvia really enjoyed them both although the second was much more tricky and so she needed some help from dad.

Ravensburger Beauty And The Beast Glitter Puzzle

Reviews And Trip To The Pond

This week we have quite a few new products to review on the blog, so we have been busy. It’s great because it’s the school holidays and this has given Sylvia plenty to do. I sometimes wish I was more well and able to go out like a normal family on adventures but for now we are spending a lot of time indoors.

the pond

The good news is we did manage to get to the park for an hour. I simply rested but it was great to see Sylvia enjoying herself. We visited the pond and John and Sylvia took the dogs for a walk. It was really sunny and nice to see my daughter having such a great time.

That was our weekend. We spent a lot of time as a family mainly indoors but also out and about. It’s important to see my daughter enjoying her childhood and I’m glad we can adapt to our circumstances and still have fun no matter what my health is like.

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