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One Week After Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass

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One Week After Gastric Bypass

It’s been 11 days since I had my Gastric Bypass and boy has it been an experience. At this point I have to be honest, I feel like what the heck have I done and I’m torn between feeling absolutely dreadful and wishing this was all a dream and wanting to rewind time and between saying “it will be worth it in the end”.

Gastric Bypass

I guess it’s like when your pregnant, you want the baby out but when your pushing, your like, “I cant do this anymore” when your in the highest levels of pain and wishing it could have been delayed a little longer. The reality is that for me my Surgery was the most painful thing I have ever done in my life, even worse than my daughter’s traumatic birth and that’s saying something.

I want to write details about the whole experience and share a lot more but I really am not well enough to do so at the minute. I think having ADRENAL INSUFFICIENCY has not helped.

When I have pain or extra stress or an infection etc I use up more CORTISOL and as a result I need to replace the body with more steroids.

I’ve felt myself getting low and dizzy and having adrenal symptoms on top of the pain of the operation and so my body has been in agony but it is getting easier and i’m just doubling up while I start to feel normal again and will then have to drop back down to my daily dose.

Plush Stomach - Barry the Sleeve - Stuffed Toy, 10Plush Stomach – Barry the Sleeve – Stuffed Toy, 10

The Operation

Well that was a scary moment, I was told when I arrived at hospital that my Operation may be cancelled a fourth time and to be prepared and so I was placed on the list as third operation of the day, I met the anaesthetist, who told me due to having Adrenal Insufficiency there was a small risk of death or ending up in Intensive care and he suggested moving me up to first operation of the day.

There is always risk with every surgery and I was given the statistics which were very low about 1 in 300 don’t make it but then the stats at Liverpool were much better than this.

gastric Bypass

I wanted my operation and although I did not want to be in pain or anything but I did not want to be sent home a fourth time and put Sylvia my daughter though any further anxiety.

It’s bad enough that her mummy is unwell but being away from mum for a long time is a hard thing for any little girl. So thankfully but scarily everything was suddenly a mad rush. I was told to get changed, put pressure stockings on and get into my theatre robes. I was given a blood thinning injection, put a net on my head, took a quick photo of myself and suddenly that was it, I was told to walk through to theatre.

I quickly rang John my husband, who was not allowed to wait with me and was waiting in a hospital cafe (Hospital rules). Told him I was going in. I walked into the theatre which was quite frightening.

I laid on the bed and lots of people were sitting around and waiting. Two women put attached something to my legs as the anaesthetist put a cannula in my hand. I was then given a mask over my face and told not to worry everything would be okay.

The next thing I knew, I was in a room with people standing there. I just felt surreal. I knew they were there but I didn’t really want to wake up. They were trying but I was in too much pain and wanted to sleep.

I could feel some tube down my throat which was really painful and making it difficult to breath and I remember someone saying, the operation is finished your in recovery now.

I think I slept for several hours and then around 1pm, I heard people saying, they have a bed for you.

I was conscious but in too much pain. I was taken to the Sefton Suite in Liverpool Aintree Hospital and moved onto a bed in my own room, where I remained for several days. I could not have been in a better place. the staff were amazing and my room had everything I needed to recover.

It’s been a long recovery so far as I’ve had a lot of pain and some issues with absorbing my Hydrocortisone medication and I have so much to write about.

My operation was performed by Connor Magee a surgeon who works for Phoenix Health and his operation was flawless.

He did an amazing job with no complications to the procedure. My main issues have been coping with pain and my Adrenal Health issues making me unwell but apart from that I am slowly progressing in the right direction.

I will write a lot more in the coming weeks. I want to write about the food I’m eating, the changes mentally and physically and the emotional side of things. Until then, Bye!

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  1. It’s major surgery, so you need to give yourself time to rest and recover. I hope very much in the long run I will reading your blog in the future and you will be saying it was very much worth it. You’re a brave lady and let’s hope this is the first step on your road to a bright future x

    1. thanks so much Laura. It is only the first few days and I’m sure one day I’ll be saying it was all worth it, it is a tough and scary and uncomfortable thing but I did it for Sylvia so i can be a healthier mum and fingers crossed it will be worth it!

  2. Gosh you are really going through it. I know that it is tough and painful but I really hope they are steps in the right direction on the journey to much improved health. Stay strong, sending hugs! x

    1. Thanks Sarah. I’m pleased to have finally got to this stage. I was so over waiting for it and it was a long journey to this point. Soon U wull have a new chapter this is just a difficult one but i’ll get there in the end!

  3. Oh Angela i’m so happy you finally had the operation and are on the road to recovery. I am glad everything went well even though it was a rush at the end to do it! xx

    1. Thanks Rachel. I’m pleased this waiting is over and I can now work through the next steps. I’m sure it will all be worth it in the ed and i’ll be pleased eventually but right now i’m just trying to come to term with it mentally i guess.

  4. You’ve been waiting for this for so long but you also need to remember this is major surgery & you need to give yourself time to recover. Take care & look after yourself xx

    1. Thanks Rachel. I do need to give myself time….which is why im not really bothered about my weight or anything…just resting and getting good nutrition and plenty of water is my focus now.

  5. I’m so glad the surgery is over with & you are on the road to recovery now Angela. Yikes what a scary message from the anaesthetist,. Thank goodness it all went well for you & you had such a brilliant surgeon. Best of luck to you in your recovery & I look forward to hearing more from you int he coming weeks! x

    1. I did know the stats long before as it’s part of preparation etc but it is scary to be told that and reminded just before but it’s the reality of the operation, it is massive surgery and it will take time but things should be much better in a few months. It takes a while to heal.

    1. Thanks Becky. It is scary but they say the benefits most often far outweigh the risks and this is going to give me a chance to get more well and be abel to deal with my health problems better I think.

  6. I’m so pleased to hear you finally got your op and that it went well. Looking forward to the rest of your posts about it

  7. I’m so glad it went ahead, but sorry you’re in pain now, I really hope the rest of your recovery is smooth and you can start working towards some of your other health goals. Make sure you get lots of rest lovely xx

  8. From what I have read about that op you might get your pump by default as most after this suffer from the inability to absorb all essential vits and minerals and probably hydrocortisone. I am still not clear why you went through something so traumatic when you suffer so much from low cortisol, are you diabetic? How did they say this would help with your AI?
    Anyway so glad you got through it okay and wish you well with your recovery.
    I think they could have let your husband be with you before you went in, why do hospitals have these stupid rules?
    God bless hon x

    1. I have a number of conditions and It was highly recommended by my endo team. I’ve written about my decision in previous posts and yes sometimes hospitals have dumb rules.

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