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One Lovely Blog Award

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One Lovely Blog Award

Katie from GrowingupKatertot has very kindly nominated me for a blog award – The One Lovely Blog Award. For my non blogger friends, this award is given from one blogger to another to acknowledge blogs that are lovely. So thank you Katie for the lovely nomination.

lovely blog

The First thing I have to do is share 7 facts about myself, so here goes,

  1. I spent six years studying at University.
  2. I have Adrenal Failure also known as Adrenal Insufficiency or Addison’s Disease.
  3. I bungee Jumped off the Auckland New Zealand Harbour Bridge to celebrate leaving my first husband.
  4. I am part Maori, (Native people of New Zealand) and I belong to the Ngai Tahu Iwi/Tribe.
  5. I have infertility issues and had IUI Fertility treatment to become pregnant.
  6. I once lived on the Pacific Island of Tonga.
  7. I love reality TV shows and enjoying learning about other people’s lives.

Next I need to nominate blogs that I think are lovely. Here are my nominees:

  1. MummyandtheMeixicans
  2. OddSocksandLollipops
  3. Inside Out and About

I had a lot of fun writing this post and want to write more fun posts like this. It’s great to blog for fun and not have to worry about brands and companies and work. I am going to do my best to enjoy writing this blog from now on and not stress.


  1. Thank you for accepting your nomination, Ang! What an interesting list!
    It’s really neat that you bungee jumped off the bridge. That sure is a celebration you’ll never forget! Did you yell “I’m FREEEEEEEE” as you jumped?? Haha!!!! Xx

    1. I know…it was a very liberating but freaky experience and it felt awesome. I’ve done a lot of things and have so many experiences to write about. I completed my bucket list when Sylvia was 2 and it had some crazy stuff on it!. Now I need to do a new one! Angela xx

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