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The OneLeg Stool Review For Children

OneLeg Stool Review

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This week we received two OneLeg stools to review in our home. The Oneleg stool is a fantastic and ergonomic stool designed to improve posture whilst sitting. The stool can help promote calmness and help with the development of core strength whilst sitting.

OneLeg Stool Review

The Oneleg stool comes in a variety of sizes covering the early years right through to adulthood. We ordered two 40cm Oneleg stools which are designed for children aged 8 to 12 years old.

OneLeg Stool Review

I had a good look online on the Gopak website when choosing which Oneleg stool to order.  I saw a number of different sizes and colours and chose to go with green. The stools can be used in a classroom situation, up a table, in the garden and for any number of activities.

OneLeg Stool Review

The Oneleg stool comes with a black antislip foot and you can also purchase a similar top for the seat section of the stool. These covers can help prevent slipping and help keep the stool clean and in good condition.

OneLeg Stool Review

We liked the look of the stools. When they arrived they were easy to open and placing the anti-slip cover on was simple taking only a few seconds. Sylvia tested out the stool in the lounge with my little brother.

My brother has been staying over and had his xbox. Sylvia and James sat on the stools together whilst they played football on the xbox. The following day Sylvia used the stool while she helped make some Easter spring lambs. The stool was the perfect height for my daughter and she had no issues keeping her balance.

OneLeg Stool Review

Sylvia appeared to really enjoy using the stool and is excited to be able to use this. Another benefit of the stools is that they are not huge. We have a tiny dining area and so we often stack the chairs to provide space. Then when we need to sit down, we have to unstack the chairs. Having the stools is going to make life easier. They can slide under our table and when Sylvia comes to sit at the table for a meal, she can simply pull the stool out and use it.

OneLeg Stool Review

I think these Oneleg stools are ideal for our home environment and being a previous early years teacher I could see them being used in a preschool or nursery setting or in a quiet room or activity room at school. These would also make great seats whilst painting on an art easel.

I think the stool is a great product and love the colour we picked. I’m sure these two Oneleg stools will be of great use to my family in the coming months and years.

Angela x


  1. What a neat product! I think anything that helps with posture is huge, especially since there’s so much screen time for all of us these days. I wonder if there’s an adult size lol

  2. Cute idea for a kid’s room. You can fit it into a corner of the room and it won’t take up much space.

  3. this seems really cool. My daughter is a little young for it still, but when she gets older i bet this would be perfect for an art desk.

  4. This is interesting. I’ve never seen it. It does look to keep you sitting straight up so you’re not slouching. Thanks for sharing!

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