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Omega 3 And Wileys Finest Fish Oil

omega 3

Omega 3 And Wileys Finest Fish Oil

For those of you following my blog you’ll be aware that I have had a gastric bypass. Whilst having weight loss surgery was the right decision for me and had a lot of positives for my health situation, one of the negatives is malabsorption and the fact my vitamin and nutrient stores can easily become depleted without taking regular supplements.

I take many supplements and vitamins on a daily basis and they are beginning to really help.

kids vitamins

This week we received a child and adult pack of Wileys Finest Wild Alaskin Fish Oil. Fish Oil is really good for the body and is full of Omega 3 and fatty acids. Omega 3 has a variety of health benefits and can really help with brain function which is great for learning, growth and development.

The Wileys Adult Fish oil has 25 servings and is a natural lemon flavour. I’m not too keen on the taste of fish oil but the benefits are great and so I have begun using this product is the hope it can help with my nutritional needs.

kids vitamins

The children’s Fish Oil not only includes Omega 3 and Fatty acids, it also has Vitamin A and D which is great for this time of year when it’s pretty dark outside and Sylvia gets less sunshine. The Wileys Finest Fish oil for KIDS has a mango peach flavour which my daughter liked.

omega 3

It also has a plastic spoon and little fish stickers to place on a chart each day to reward your child for having their fish oil. Sylvia loves the idea of star charts and has enjoyed marking off her vitamins each day on the chart.

omega 3

We were gifted the fish oil in return for an honest review. I think you would need to take the oil for a long time to feel the health benefits as with any supplements but so far so good.

Angela x


  1. I’m not keen on the taste of fish oils either but take the supplements because I know how good they are for me and as you point out they can come in different flavours – your daughter’s being mango/peach. I like the idea of reward stickers for kids – great incentive. Tx

  2. It is nice that flavor was infused into fish oil since they do have a taste that most would not want to try. Congratulations on your decision to be healthier and find ways to maintain it. I look forward to reading the results in the future.

  3. Fish oil has a lot of benefits but I always thought it was more needed by adults. Good to know that there’s a supplement for kids as well.

  4. I’ve been reading that fish oil could help my son improve his apraxia diagnosed speech delay. Looking forward to giving The Wileys Finest fish oil for kids a try.

  5. those fish stickers looks very cute! it wud be a nice trick for my daughter for her to have her fish oil too! I’ll be trying to find this brand

  6. My friend is having gastric bypass surgery next month. I will recommend this fish oil to her. Good to know that it tastes good.

    1. Well I didn’t take it in the first 6 months as only certain foods /liquids can be taken but it works for me now I’m 8 months out.

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