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Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree Sylvia’s Style

I’m not sure when you usually put up your Christmas tree. Every family is different but since having my own child, I’ve always put the tree up on the 1st of December.  This allows us to enjoy the festive season for a whole month.

Our first Christmas tree was a little one about as tall as a toddler and was really great for a few years. Then in 2014 we upgraded to a six-foot tree and it’s done us pretty good so far. In fact, I was given this tree from Esther one of my best friends who writes at Inside Out and About. This tree is extra special as it reminds me of someone I really love to bits.

We moved house at the end of November and it is still taking us time to get sorted. We managed to get the lounge done first and on Saturday the carpet was finally laid and the room ready to decorate for Christmas.

Sylvia was super excited. John built the tree and then Sylvia decorated as I passed her the ornaments. We really have fun at Christmas and it’s a great time to spend time together.

I think it’s important to teach children about values and so we discussed the different symbols of Christmas and the true meanings. It was a  great opportunity to talk about the importance of showing kindness, spreading cheer and giving to others at Christmas.

I hope I teach my daughter well so she can grow up knowing this time of year is more than receiving gifts and having fun.

I’ve created a collage of our Christmas Tree antics. I hope you like it.