Last month John and I had the opportunity to review the Nytex Lazarus Memory Foam Mattress.

John and I had been talking a few weeks ago about how many years we should wait to get a new mattress for our King size Bed. I have to admit, I joked the only way we’d get a new mattress in 2016 would be through a blog review as we are currently saving for my medical treatment.

Nytex Memory Foam Mattress Review

I’m sure you can imagine how pleased I was when Nytex contacted me about the Lazarus Memory Foam Model. We sent over the measurements to make sure we had the right size mattress and our delivery address and the new Mattress was delivered without any problems within a matter of days.

nytex memory foam

Our mattress was brought right to the bedroom and placed on the bed which was ideal. John would have struggled to get it upstairs on his own so this was an added bonus to the delivery service.

I liked the fact that the Nytex delivery was Carbon neutral as any carbon used to deliver our mattress was offset through a donation made by Nytex to “Carbon Balanced” a program created by the World Land Trust

Our Lazarus mattress was covered in plastic to keep it in top condition until it reached the bed. The mattress was made in the UK with Vystex, a high density Memory Foam. This material is said to dissipate heat 47% faster than standard memory foam. This is important to me as I tend to get overheated quickly so having a cool mattress is wonderful.

nytex Mattress

Our Lazarus mattress was made with zero foam waste. I’ve never had a memory foam mattress before and my first impressions were that the mattress looked and felt really comfortable.

We have been testing out our new Nytex memory foam mattress for three weeks now and both John and I think the Lazarus Mattress does what it claims.

The bed is really firm and comfortable and has given us a great nights sleep. Obviously being a memory foam, the mattress tends to mould to your contours to support your body while promoting good sleep.

Being someone who spends a lot of time in bed, the only issue I have with a memory foam mattress, now I have tested it, is the fact I like to sit up in bed a lot and this obviously creates a different impression in the mattress to the impression made when I lay down which can be a little awkward when I lay back down again.

nytex mattress

As for my husband who only uses the bed for sleeping, he absolutely loves the mattress and would not want to change it. John has gotten used to the Lazarus mattress and finds it very comfortable.

We were gifted the mattress for the purpose of the review. All opinions are my own and written honestly and truthfully.


  1. The mattress sounds good. We too need a new one but most definetley can’t afford one lol. The delivery service sounded great which would be ideal for us as we live in a townhouse x

  2. This sounds like the most comfortable mattress in the world! I need this in my life! No seriously, our bed is that uncomfortable I prefer to sleep on the couch…

  3. It’s good to know that the mattress is reliable. I love a firm mattress as my back tends to hurt. Thanks for the detailed review!

  4. Wow, it sounds great. I have been looking for a new mattress for a while, and a memory foam one is very tempting. The only thing that I would be worried about, is that I am a supper wriggler in bed, so that might throw the moulding of the foam out of whack!

    Love the review

    Leah xx

    1. I totally get that. Thats the one thing I find hard is the fact i use the bed for sleeping and sitting and then im slanting backwards when i lay back down!

  5. this looks so cozy! we used to have a memory foam mattress and it was definitely the best one that we had – so comfortable! it had to go when we moved as it didnt fit in our house anymore but I will definitely be getting a new one soon (hopefully :p ) i might use this review to convince the hubs

  6. We need to buy a new mattress. It’s pretty old and has been moved way too many times. I’ll have to sit on some memory foam mattresses when we are shopping.

  7. Once you get a good night’s sleep on something like this, you realize how important a great mattress can be.

    1. Ooh thats a great idea. This is a great one because it delivered right to the bed. Definitely good for older people who might not have the strength to lift the mattress themselves.

  8. Sounds like a great mattress! We’re in the market for a new one but I have a severe sensitivity to scents. Is there an odor to the Nytex?

    1. I can’t smell anything on the nytex, it doesn’t seem to have a smell, have never had a mattress that has an odor so I wouldn’t know any different.

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