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Organic Healthy Home Made food for dogs

A Nutritional Meal for Dogs Chicken Delight

Bichon Dogs

Yoda and Casper love to eat. They can be really fussy when it comes to dog food. We have tried lots of different brands and there really is only a few types Yoda and Casper like. To be honest they would much prefer to eat the meals we eat as a family but for obvious reasons this wouldn’t be the best option for our pets.

There are lots of good foods for dogs and I’ve created a list of the Top 20 foods to give dogs.





Cottage Cheese



Flax Seed



Green Beans

Lean Meat 








Sweet potatoes

Natural Yoghurt

A few weeks ago when we were sent a Luxury Dog Bowl set from Turtle Mat, we cooked a nutritious meal for Yoda and Casper.

Dog bowl

We named our recipe Chicken Delight because I have never seen our dogs eat a meal so fast. The Dogs loved using their new bowls and loved the meal and today I’ve decided to share the recipe.


Meyar Pans

Chicken Delight Meal for Dogs

Recipe Type: Chicken. grains and rice for Dogs
Cuisine: Dog Meal
Author: Angela Milnes
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 4
A healthy alternative to shop bought dog food.


2 Chicken Breasts

1 Cup of Rice

1/3 Cup of Barley

1/3 Cup of Lentils

1 Carrot

2 sticks of Celery

2 Litres of Water and Chicken Stock

1 teaspoon of mixed herbs


Chop the celery and carrots. Place into a large pot, add the rice, barley and lentils.

Boil the kettle and mix 2 chicken stock cubes. Add the mixture to the pot.

Add the herbs and 2 chicken breasts.

Cook for 40 Minutes at a medium heat.

Take out the cooked chicken breast and shred into small pieces before adding back into the mixture.

Once the food is ready, allow to cool down and serve.

Makes 4 bowls of food.


Yoda and Casper love Chicken Delight. It is a really healthy option and a real treat full of goodness and nutrition. I’m planning on researching and creating some more delicious meals for our Dogs to help keep them healthy and give them something different on special occasions.

dogs dinner

Do you cook for your dogs?

Do you have any special recipes?

dog meal

What do you think about our Dog Bowls from Turtle Mat? Do you like them? We think they are fabulous!


*We were sent the dog bowl to review*

Give your pet the Healthy Nutritious Meal For Dogs.

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