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Nursery Room Wallpaper Inspiration

This week I wanted to share some Nursery Room Wallpaper Inspiration. When I was pregnant I was so excited and remember going out to buy a new cot and blanket for my baby.

Unfortunately I was a young married mum and was living in a bedsit with no other rooms except the bathroom. I didn’t have the option of decorating a Nursery room for my baby although it’s something I would have loved to do.

So here are some fantastic ideas which I have seen and wanted to share today. I’m writing this post for fun and it’s not influenced, paid for or sponsored. These are simply Nursery wallpaper designs that I really like.


So the first design is a neutral gender colour yellow and is a somple and plain background with the stalk delivering the baby. This is a lovely nursery room mural and would go well with a white cot and white furniture.


I love this under the sea theme and the tartan sea pattern. I think it’s really fab and would go great with a sea themed room and tartan baby blanket.

baby girl wallpaper

The pink hot air balloons wallpaper mural is really cute. I love the clouds and simpleness to the design. There is not too much going on but enough to make the wall stand out and look super cute.

alphabet wallpaper

I think the alphabet Mural is one of my favourites. I love it. The animals are all so cute and this wallpaper could be used to help teach the alphabet as baby grows older.

woodland wallpaper

Last but not least is this gorgeous woodland theme wallpaper mural. Again this is simple and gorgeous and could be a great theme for both a baby girl or baby boy. I love the toadstools and the leaves add a hint of colour to the two tones background and trees.

So these are some fantastic Nursery room wallpaper ideas which I love. What do you think? Which is your favourite?