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The (Not Big or Fat) Quiz Of The Year


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The (Not Big or Fat) Quiz Of The Year

Sian from Quite Frankly She Said, has tagged me to take part in the 2017 New Years Quiz. Thanks Sian. I’m a little bored in hospital right now so this is something to keep me busy until the clock hits 12.


What was the Highlight of 2016?

The biggest highlight for 2016 has to be moving house. I’m so super excited to finally have a home we love and can grow in.

Name one thing you are most likely to remember about 2016 if asked in five years time?

The year I got the Adrenal Pump and improved my health.

Sum Up 2016 In one Word

Progress. This year we have progressed a lot. I’ve progressed in my health, we have progressed financially and in getting things we need for the home. I’ve progressed in blogging, John as a photographer and Sylvia in school.

Name One Pearl Of Wisdom to take with you to 2017

Follow your dreams, fight for what you believe in and never give up.

Do You have any New Years Resolutions?

Yes I sure do. I’ve written a blog post on my health/home improvement and blogging goals. These will come out in the coming days.

Personally I have a goal to lose a dress size, get new clothing, buy my dream bag and save for a family holiday for Sylvia, John and I to EuroDisney in 2018. That’s the goal. To do nice things. I’ve spent a long time stuck at home and saying, I will do this in future, 2017 is the year to be good to myself.

How are you seeing in the New Year?

Would you believe I’m in a side room on the Swinley ward at Wigan Hospital. Yep, I’m in hospital again very unwell but well enough to write down these thoughts. On a plus I have crackers, cheese and pickled onions which my hubby brought me tonight. So I am celebrating with cheese!

What would you most like to do in 2017?

I have two things, spend more time feeling well and being with my daughter. Earn a full time income from my blog.

What are your main goals for 2017?

I have health goals, to finish saving for my own adrenal pump. So I will need to do some more fundraising. I hope to work on making the home nice and decluttering. I plan to publish my first book and saver for our family holiday to Euro Disney. I know I can do it!

Thanks for reading!

As there is only one year before the new year, I’ll leave it at that. Thanks for tagging me Sian. I loved writing this post.

Angela x

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