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Last week Angela attended BritMum’s Live ’16. While Angela was attending the event, I took the opportunity to head out and do some photography around the Capital. There are some area’s I was not able to get to due to repeated and sudden downpours which put and end to my photography for the day, meh!

Photographic Journey Around London

The night before BritMums Live ’16, I went out along the Thames embankment to do some  late night photography. I always enjoy doing long exposure photography and this was my chance to get some great photos.

London Eye - Long Exposure2

When I set out along the Thames Embankment, the sun was just setting. It took me some time to make it to The Houses of Parliament. Luckily it was still quite warm so I wasn’t too concerned about putting layers on.

Houses of Parliament - Long Exposure Red Lights

I just wanted to let the Angela relax in the Hotel after her appointment with the Endocrinologist. It would have been nice for her to enjoy the walk, but she needed her energy for Brit Mums and cant walk really long distances yet.

Sun still Setting London Eye - Long Exposure3

Long before we arrived at the hotel, I knew we were close to the London Eye. I could see it through the maze of high-rise buildings which litter the London skyline, from our hotel to the side of the Thames embankment.

I headed off in the direction of the London eye, with my camera bag, my trusty tripod in my hand and my camera strapped over my shoulders. I thought I would need to change my lenses, but in the end, I only used one lens. This defeated the object of taking my camera bag (with an assortment of lenses in the bag) but sometimes I am of the opinion, ‘I would rather have my bag and not need it, than not have my bag and need it’.

I’ve created a gallery of shots to share. I’m really pleased with my evening photos. I’ll be sharing the day time photos next week.

The view from the Thames was breathtaking. Lots of colours and many people just enjoying the evening out. It was Friday night after all. I do hope you like my photos. My wife loves them and hopefully in future she will be able to come with me to see the sights.