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We love dresses and one of my favourite brands has to be Yumi. I love to buy Yumi dresses when they are on sale and every season I look on the Love The Sales website to see what bargains can be found. It has to be one of my favourite online places to find dresses.

I have to admit, I usually look at the dresses on the Love The Sales site with my daughter Sylvia, however this time, I went online myself and found a few dresses which I thought were really pretty. As it turned out my daughter did not agree with me on two of the three dresses.

I think Sylvia can be really fussy when it comes to wearing dresses. She is only 9 and I wonder what she is going to be like when she is older.

Anyway, luckily we have 5 girls in the family and the 2 dresses which Sylvia is not as keen on are going to be given to Anna Maria and Ella Rose my nieces. I am a little disappointed Sylvia is so fussy but I personally love all three dresses, especially the white one with birds on.

Love The Sales have some fantastic items and next time we buy dresses I will go back to letting my daughter choose the ones she likes. She won’t however be getting anymore Yumi dresses this season and will have to make do with what she has in the wardrobe because I am not going to get her a different dress just because she does not like two that I chose for her.

I have noticed some of the clothes I buy my daughter are always in the drawer or wardrobe and then others are worn over and over. I think as adults we are the same. I have some items I never really wear and some clothes that I simply love to wear as often as I can.

Which dress do you love the best? Sylvia likes the Cherry one and I love the bird one.

Angela x

Via love the sales.