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Today I met the most cute dog ever. I have no idea what breed this dog is but she was so so cute and I had to stop the owner and ask “please can I take a photo of your beautiful dog”. The owner said yes and now I’m sharing this as my Shot of the week.


I’ve not talked much about Yoda and Casper our dogs for a while. Mainly as I’ve been recovering from major life changing surgery and everything has been hectic and busy. So I though it may be a good time to write a wee update!


Yoda is doing well.

He is now 18 months old and has gained quite a bit of weight recently. He is a little fatty boomsticks! Thats right. He likes to try and steal Casper’s food and when the bowl is empty he will sit and watch you eating your meals with his big cute eyes and raise his paw to beg for food.

Yoda also has a naughty habit…ripping off and eating wallpaper. He originally started to do this just after he was attacked last year. Yoda was seriously hurt when two dogs got lose and ripped open his leg. He became anxious and scared and turned to food even more as a comfort.

Not too long after we adopted Casper. Casper came at the perfect time really. Yoda got a friend and the two dogs are inseparable. They take in turns, play together, blitz together and sleep together. They are both really happy and this helped Yoda to stop his wallpaper habit. He had not tried to eat the wallpaper in almost 5 months but I caught him at it again last week, when Sylvia was on holiday and I think he must have been missing her.

Casper comes from an abusive environment where he was not treated nice. We have showed him nothing but love and he adores the family and it feels like he has been ours forever. He is well settled six months in and is a darling. He is more obedient than Yoda but I do think it’s an age thing as well. Casper is 6 in another month or so. I do have to check so we can get him a birthday treat.

Having two dogs is not easy. In fact I sometimes think it’s really difficult, especially when our neighbour complains. She does not like the noise of our dogs barking. Our neighbour had two little dogs when she moved in but got rid of them when she got a new partner. She constantly complains that our dogs are noisy and says that they “bark continuously” when we go out. I don’t think she is telling the truth.

Our dogs do get excited and go a little nuts and bark at anyone who goes past the fence when they are in the Garden but they don’t bark constantly in the house. I am sick, my blog is days in bed and I dont hardly leave the home. Not like normal people. Yes I have been to church once in  months and go to doctors and hospital but…. usually im always home and I know the dogs dont bark in the way our neighbour describes.

In fact, our neighbour does not know about my health condition and the fact im always home. She assumes im out and so I know she is majorly exaggerating. She asked us to buy collars to shock our dogs and I was like hell no! She also knocked on the door with a printed leaflet on how to stop a dog barking and asked us to do something or she will report us.

John and I did leave the house on Thursday. We left Yoda and Casper in the Kitchen. We then went to the kitchen window to listen and …no barking. We left for the doctors and upon returning we parked away from the home and john walked to the house and the kitchen window. Yet again no barking. I don’t know what the real issue is but if we are reported for dog barking, I am going to say, it’s not true.

We are not bad dog owners but we are new, only one and half years in and still learning a lot. Health conditions but limitations on going on massive walks but Yoda and Casper do get walked, maybe not as much as we would like but they also run around in a big garden but most of all they are happy and love each other and us and we love them.

We will be working with Yoda and Casper on some obedience rules. John has a clicker whistle and is training them to sit and stay. It’s not easy to train a dog when you have never done it before and whilst our neighbour seems to think we are terrible dog owners I think we do a pretty good job.

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