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New Bedding For A New Me With Silent Night

This week I wrote a blog post about my weight loss journey to date and the fact I am starting a new weight loss program to work towards my 2018 health goals. In fact, I began my new plan on Thursday and to celebrate I decided to treat myself to new a new Silent Night bedding set.

Often when I feel sad or down I will automatically think what can I eat? Again when I accomplish something great I will think, what can I eat to celebrate. It’s great to reward yourself for accomplishments however from now on I am not going to use food. Instead I will use lovely items that make my home beautiful such as this new Silent Night Luxury Collection Waffle Striped bedding set.

I love the material and colour of my new bedding set. The sheet and pillow cases are cotton rich and from the Silent Night Luxury Collection. There are a number of styles to choose from and I  chose the waffle striped blanket cover. It is perfect for my room. I have a white bed and white drawers and the waffle stripes match the tones of my room just nicely. They are even the exact colour of my curtains.

Having new fresh bedding is going to help me to get into the mind set of a fresh new year and a new me. I have already enjoyed sitting on my bed relaxing and reading my weight loss magazine to give me the motivational boost I need to start out in the direction I need to go.

The bedding also got the seal of approval from our Bichon dogs, Yoda and Casper. Not everyone has dogs but Yoda and Caspy Bacon are an integral part of our family and they do love to cuddle and snuggle up with me to keep me company, especially on my sick days.

So what do you think? Do you like the new Bedding Set from Silent Night? I sure do.

Angela x

*I was sent the bedding set for the purpose of review