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A Silver Necklace For My Sister From Kaya Jewellery

Today on the blog I am sharing a beautiful silver necklace which I was sent from Kaya Jewellery. My sister has been having a difficult time recently and when I was contacted by Kaya Jewellery to review an item I thought it would be nice to choose a gift I could give to my sister.

kaya jewellery

I went onto the website to view the different types of Jewellery available and I chose a sisters themed necklace. It had words which I could really relate to. My sister lives overseas in New Zealand. We grew up together in NZ and it wasn’t until I returned to the Uk IN 2010 that I truly missed our friendship. My sister Deborah is my best friend and although we are miles apart that will never change. I am grateful for skype and google hangout where I can ring and speak to my sister in the night or whenever we need to chat.

kaya jewellery

So I chose a beautiful Silver necklace. It has the following words inscribed.    “Side by side or miles apart, we are sisters connected by the heart”. I love this and it speaks to me exactly how I feel about my sister who loves so far away. I have not seen her in over 7 years but I love her to bits and I know she will appreciate this necklace as a token of my love for her as a sister and best friend.

The necklace is super cute. the coin is 17mm in diameter and 1 meter thick. It is small but the perfect size. I also had my sisters angel baby “Moana Hope” engraved on the back. I know she will love this and it will mean a lot to Deborah.

kaya jewellery

I love the necklace and it looks and feels good quality. I think the quality of the engraving is good and am really pleased with the end product.