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Welcome back to My Weightloss Journey

Well thanks for popping over to see my weight loss Journey for June. Things have been a little crazy over the past 4 weeks. I had a lot of collapsing episodes and was in and out of hospital. It has been stressful to say the least. I have felt like eating rubbish. Seriously I’ve craved chocolate and burgers and chips…but I was good most of the time.

During my week in hospital, I didn’t have a choice about my food. It was unhealthy. I guess the fill you up with calories to make you better but it was NOT in line with the “Hospital diet” that I’ve been on for the last 7 months. Seriously your told to don one thing by the outpatient dieticians, yet they feed you 3 times that in hospital.

Anyhow I came out of hospital 5 pounds heavier. Well, I was not impressed. To add to this my steroid meds have been increased, which they need to be as I was not on the right dose and this has made losing even more harder.

I then went to BritMums where the most delicious foods were offered. I ate healthy and stuck to my ration. I was really proud of myself.


So after four weeks of up and down on the scales. I can say I am now weighing exactly the same that I weighed in May!

Now I could be miserable and disappointed but against the odds I have faced, I’d say it is amazing and I’m really pleased.

angela milnes

So here’s to another month of battling to lose weight. I was told by my Endocrine team in June the less I weigh, the less Steroid replacement I would need.

They were absolutely shocked at my 2 Stone of weight loss and pleased as am I.

However they do want me to keep going as it will have many health benefits as well as have a decreasing effect on my Adrenal meds…so off I go once more. Let’s see what July brings us?

Angela Milnes xx